8 Reasons why YOU should use TerraNeem EC

8 Reasons why YOU should use TerraNeem EC

 8 Reasons YOU should use TerraNeem EC

  1.   OMRI Certified. You can use it safely on your organic garden, organic pasture, organic crops, etc.  
  2.   Less money than many of the top competitors and has better results in many areas.
  3.   Listed for your crops including: Vegetables, fruits, citrus, nuts, ornamental plants, and many more!
  4.   Take control of Insects. Follow the directions on the label for use as an Organic Insecticide.
  5.   Fungus? No Thank You! Don’t let Fungus take control of your yard, garden, pasture, or farm. Use TerraNeem EC to treat all types of problems including Black Spot, Sooty Mold, Root Rot, Powdery Mildew, and more!
  6.   TerraNeem EC not only works as an Insecticide and Fungicide but it is also a Nematicide and Miticide and works as an Anti-Feedant, Insect Repellent, Insect Growth Regulator, Fungal Growth Inhibition.
  7.   Use for Foliar and Soil Control of listed insect pests, mites, fungal disease, and nematodes
  8.   TerraNeem EC is better for you, the environment, food, pets, garden, and much more. Replace those harsh chemicals with a quality, safe, and organic product that will bring you amazing results.

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