Best way to use GrapeSeed Oil

Best way to use GrapeSeed Oil

GrapeSeed Oil is an excellent option for your kitchen. This Oil is light, clean, crisp, low flavor, and high smoke point making it an excellent option for just about any recipe. Here are a few of my top suggestions on ways to use Zatural GrapeSeed Oil.

  1. Deep Frying-Thanks to the high smoke point of 420 degrees, this oil is great for deep frying. It is a much healthier option then other vegetable oils. Its very light or even no flavor makes it a top choice for using.                                             
  2. Stir Fry- This oil is very clean and light which does not take away from the vibrance or flavor of your food. That with the high smoke point make it a great healthy option when making anything stir fry related!                                          
  3. Searing Meats- This is where the high smoke point is really special. Since GrapeSeed Oil can get up to 420 degrees it allows you to sear meats and seal in that flavor.                                                                                                                                             
  4. Sautéing- This Clean nearly flavorless oil will make for a healthy sautéing oil without taking away flavor or color.                                                                
  5. Vegetable Roasting-Often times other oils are used for this. Like Olive Oil. However, if you try Zatural GrapeSeed Oil you may be pleasantly surprised as it does not take away from the delicious flavor of your vegetables!                                                  
  6. Marinades- If you are like me and like to make your own marinades then this is an excellent Oil. I often times use this as my base oil for my home made marinades as it can withstand high temps and does not add any unwanted flavors.
  7. Dressings- Using GrapeSeed Oil for homemade dressings is a great option so you can focus on the flavors you want without trying to mask an oil flavor. It is also very light and clean keeping your salad just the way you want it!                        

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