Dermatitis & Neem

Dermatitis & Neem

Eczema is a common inflammatory skin disorder causing irritable, dry, red, itchy skin. The itchiness can be unbearable. Scratching, which is hard to resist, makes eczema much worse.

The skin then really flares up, it can become raw, cracked, crusted and can cause other infections.

The root cause for eczema is genetics, so eczema usually runs in families. People with eczema are normally sensitive to common allergens, like pollen, dust, house mites, household chemicals, cosmetics, and so on. It's not only the skin that is affected. People with eczema can go on to develop other allergies, like asthma or hay fever.

Eczema is also called dermatitis, or more specifically, atopic dermatitis.
There are several types of eczema, but the atopic eczema is the most common.

Eczema usually begins very early in life, most often before age 5. As many as 20% of children are affected. Only 1-2% of adults suffer from eczema, but it is becoming more and more common overall.

Neem is an excellent way to assist the healing process of Eczema. Naked Neem has many positive affects on the skin such as moisturizing. Neem oil is a very moisturizing oil and can keep the skin from drying out, which will help in the reduction of cracking, itching, swelling, etc...

Neem is also an anti-inflammatory and can help keep the swelling caused by Eczema reduced.


THIS WEBSITE IS NOT INTENDED FOR THE PURPOSE OF PROVIDING MEDICAL ADVICE All information, content, and material of this website is for informational purposes only and are not intended to serve as a substitute for the consultation, diagnosis, and/or medical treatment of a qualified physician or healthcare provider. MEDICAL EMERGENCY If you have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately. Neem is a very powerful substance. It has been widely used in India for several thousand years, without any side effects. Also, in traditional Ayurvedic medicine neem is often prescribed together with other herbs that neutralize neem's toxicity such as turmeric. Neem is as a powerful contraceptive. Pregnant women or women who wish to conceive should be very careful and seek medical advice before using neem in great quantities. Neem has achieved high status in the US. It is often associated with claims that may prove to be false. Seek medical advice if you have a medical condition. Children and Neem While neem supplements have very little evidence of extreme side effects documented, the University of Michigan Health System does suggest that neem oils should be kept away from children. According to the website, there is a documented report that suggests a few infants developed Reyes-Syndrome symptoms shortly after consuming neem oil in supplement form. These infants ingested more than 5ml of the oil, which eventually lead to the death of the patients. As of 2010, however, no deaths in the adult population have been reported. Furthermore, the University website states that until more information is gathered on neem as a supplement, pregnant women should also stay away from the herb due to health risks to the fetus. Stomach Effects Ironically, while most supplement users take neem supplements for the treatment of stomach disorders, the University of Michigan Health System also states that some stomach symptoms may worsen in some users. In a few reported cases, patients who consumed neem oils were found to have an increased risk of diarrhea and stomach discomfort. As a result of these risks, the University recommends that patients stay within a dosage range of 10 to 20ml in order to limit the onset of adverse effects. Other Risks While more research needs to be conducted in order to determine the consistency in onset of documented side effects to neem, does offer helpful suggestions in monitoring your intake of neem. According to the website, persons suffering from medical conditions that result in fatigue or physical "wasting" should not consume neem due to the risk of stomach complications. In addition, the website also recommends that patients with liver or kidney disease also steer clear of the supplement. As of 2010, no documented cases of drug interaction exist regarding neem and other medications.

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