Neem Oil uses for Head Lice

Neem Oil uses for Head Lice

Neem oil and Neem extract have been shown to clear the body of head lice in three ways:

  1. Neem contains hormone mimics that interfere with the life cycle of parasites.
  2. Neem inhibits the parasite's ability to feed.
  3. Neem prevents louse eggs from hatching.

Directions for using Neem to battle head lice:

(1) Wash hair with Organic Neem Scalp Shampoo.

(2) While the hair is wet, apply Naked Neem Organic Neem Extract or Organic Neem Oil to the hair and scalp. Massage well to ensure even and complete coverage. 

(3) Cover with a perm cap or something similar. Leave on head up to 3 hours. 

(4) Comb the hair with a nit comb, thoroughly cleaning the whole scalp.

(5) Repeat steps 1-4 every day for three days. After ten days, if any eggs hatch, repeat. 

Continue using Naked Neem hair and scalp products regularly helps to keep the hair healthy. It may also help prevent an infestation with lice.


 Conventional Head Lice treatments contain toxic chemicals. Babies and children are more at risk from pesticides than are adults for the following reasons: Babies have more fat on their bodies than adults, and pesticides store in fat.

Therapeutic Neem Shampoo and Conditioner

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