Do you know whats in your supplements?

Do you know whats in your supplements?

There are so many options when it comes to supplements. Chain stores have tons of different brands lining the shelves. So how do you chose your supplements? 


Some may go off of the strength, brand, or price. However, are you really getting what you think your getting? In the end that is the most important thing right? Your'e buying these supplements for health right? Lets find out whats really in your supplements. 

Zatural Supplements have 0 Fillers, 0 Artificial ingredients, and 0 Lubricants. What is on the label is what you are getting. For example, if you want to buy some Vitamin C you may go to the shelf and see a ton of different options. The quick and easy way to pick whats best for you may be to compare the price and the Big MG number right on the front. You grab it, buy it, and start taking it. But are you getting what you think? With Zatural Supplements the answer is simple, YES! However with most other supplements the answer would be no, not exactly.                             

On the back of the label you will see the Supplement Facts. Here you will see the ingredients making up the supplements. In our example it is Vitamin C. You may see something like 1 tablet per serving. 500mg of Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid). However thats not the end of it. Look under the Supplement Facts at the "Other ingredients" Here you may see a list of a handful of ingredients. These are your fillers, lubricants, additives, etc. Supplement companies use these to make the manufacturing process cheaper. They can use lubricants to more easily fill the capsules. They may use fillers in order to use a standard sized capsule through the manufacturing process. If the capsule doesn't get filled to the top then they use fillers to make it full. Zatural however uses natural occurring ingredients which is why our Vitamin C is green and not white. Its plant based. We also use no fillers or lubricants or additives etc. So our "other ingredients" will only have what the capsules itself is made of. Often, vegetable cellulose, and thats it! No list of a bunch of other ingredients. If your buying our Vitamin C that is what we are giving you!

Here is an image of a top competitor Vitamin C and another image of Zatural Vitamin C. Our competitor is using Ascorbic Acid plus a lot of 'Other ingredients'. We use a blend of plants to have a wide range of Naturally Occurring Vitamin C along with our unique Dr. Formulated Enzyme Blend that helps your body digest and absorb the Vitamin C.  

See for yourself! Compare your current supplements 'other ingredients' to Zatural Supplements and I think you may be surprised as to what is in your supplements that you didn't know of! 

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