Hemp Oil Uses with Suggested Dosage

Hemp Oil Uses with Suggested Dosage

Uses and Health Benefits

Hemp seed oil has incredible application for personal use. Zatural Hemp Oil is freshly sourced from Canada, rich in Omega 3, 6 and Vitamin E.  

Hemp Oil For Topical Skin Issues
Studies show that taking hempseed oil internally assists in their symptoms of atopic dermatitis, eczema. Hempseed oil is very rich in PUFAs ( polyunsaturated fatty acids ) which have been noted as a healthy and strongly anti-inflammatory. Within 20 weeks, the plasma lipid profiles of patients changed considerably. Their blood now contained more of healthy fats, which was benefiting their skin good. Omega3 and omega6 fatty acids in hempseed oil were responsible for such an effect with low CDB content.*  

Applying Hemp oil directly to the skin or combined with other personal care products has also shown to be effective.  

Take 1 – 2 tablespoon of hemp oil daily or directed by your healthcare practitioner. Larger amounts can be toxic.  

Hemp oil for Inflammation
People who suffer from chronic inflammatory diseases should try hemp oil. It's  rich in omega3 and omega6 fatty acids, which are strong anti-inflammatory. Essential fatty acids are required by the body to lower systemic inflammation. With regular use, you may see an improvement in inflammation and even pain in conditions like arthritis.

Take 1 – 2 tablespoon of hemp oil daily or directed by your healthcare practitioner. Larger amounts can be toxic.  

Hemp Oil For Facial Care_Pimples, Redness and more...
Using hemp oil in diet has shown to be beneficial on towards reducing acne. Its omega3 content aids the body in reducing inflammation of the skin. It may reduce the redness of pimples and may also prevent future breakouts. Preventing breakouts with topical solutions can be very tough, as many products, even many natural oils are comedogenic (block pores) and lead to breakouts. Topical application of Hemp Oil for Acne is not recommended.  

Take 1 – 2 tablespoon of hemp oil daily or directed by your healthcare practitioner. Larger amounts can be toxic. 

Hemp Oil for Skin and Hair
Hemp oil can be applied directly ( undiluted ) to the skin and hair. Benefits:

  • Moisturizer  Hemp oil acts as a good natural moisturizer. Excellent for hair as well. 
  • Drying effect – This oil dries up after some time, making your skin look younger and healthier and your hair look shinier.  It provides great support for a healthier scalp as well.  
  • Anti-aging  Hemp oil can have anti-aging effects on skin. It improves the composition of epidermal lipids and improve the overall look and feel of your skin.
  • Improve water resistance  Hemp oil protects the skin and hair from reverse osmosis effects of water which causes skin to lose its nutrients. This explains why your skin looks dull after a shower, especially in places where the TDS in water is high.


Can be applied undiluted, directly onto the skin.  If concerned with allergic reaction, test a small spot.  

Hemp oil is a great addition to any hair care or skin care product.  Adding a small amount can greatly increase the benefits of your product. 100% PURE COLD-PRESSED FRESHLY SOURCED FROM CANADA



Hemp Oil Drops


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*Warnings: Pregnant or lactating people, or those with known medical conditions should consult with a physician prior to using product. Should not be taken within 2 weeks of surgery.  The FDA has not approved the use of Hemp Oil.  This information is for educational purposes.  It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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  • Becca Norris
Comments 22
  • Rani jAYAKUMAR
    Rani jAYAKUMAR

    Iam from India where can i get organic pure cold pressed Hemp oil

  • David

    Does the hemp seed oil do the same thing as regular hemp oil

  • Laura

    Trying for the first time. Hoping for good results!

  • Zatural

    Thank you for your question. I am sorry though as I am not able to recommend dosages for other Brands. You are more then welcome to check out our Hemp Products though and we’d be happy to give you any pointers on them!

  • Amanda

    Just bought Lindens 1000mg hemp capsules, How many do you take. My husband has really bad joint pain. Any advice appreciated, Thank you..

  • Zatural

    Geofrey N Ssegawa,
    Thank you for your question. Unfortunately I am not able to recommend a dosage for a CP Child or Adult as that is a medical condition.
    Im very sorry and know that is not the answer you were hoping for.

  • Geofrey N Ssegawa
    Geofrey N Ssegawa

    What’s dosage is best for CP 2 year old baby?

  • Angela

    I just staring using this I love it

  • Hyrum Stanger
    Hyrum Stanger

    Cathy Catterson,
    To answer your question, Yes. You can take Hemp Oil anytime of day. It works differently for everyone and it does assist with sleep for some people. I would recommend taking it in the afternoon or evening the first couple of times and adjusting from there after seeing some results.
    Thank you!

  • Cathy Catterson
    Cathy Catterson

    Can I take Hemp oil anytime? Dose it make you sleepy. Do I need to mix it with anything or take it straight?

  • Pamela Bragassa
    Pamela Bragassa

    my father is 86 years old with early stage of Parkinson how much should I give him? thank you

  • susan fanning
    susan fanning

    I just tried my first tablespoon and the taste will definitely need to be acquired. Is there recommended dosing for sublingual application?

  • Amy Jaques
    Amy Jaques

    Hi Eric,
    This can be added to soups, sauces, smoothies, baked goods, etc. Take 1 – 2 tablespoon of hemp oil daily or directed by your healthcare practitioner.

  • Amy Jaques
    Amy Jaques

    We do have customers who vape the hemp oil.

  • Amy Jaques
    Amy Jaques

    Our hemp oil contains minimal trace amounts of THC, less than 10 parts per million. This is not enough to be detectable in a drug test and will not make you high.

  • Eric Jones
    Eric Jones

    Can this product be mixed with food or sodas? I have severe spinal stenosis and would have a hard time rubbing the entire area. Thanks!!

  • Marylynn Sheldon
    Marylynn Sheldon

    Does this have THC? I want benefits without the high

  • Stacey Bentley
    Stacey Bentley

    Can your hemp oil be vaped?

  • maryann stanger nd
    maryann stanger nd

    If we get tshirts made, I will send you one. Thank you.

  • maryann stanger
    maryann stanger

    Yes, by nature all of our Hemp Oils come from the Cannabis Sativa plant and do contain CBD. There are some products that also contain added CBD. Here is a link to all the Hemp products

  • Angelia Thomas
    Angelia Thomas

    I would like to know if your hemp oil contains CBD’s and what species of hemp is used.

  • Clarence Stephens
    Clarence Stephens

    Love your company slogan " Believe there is good in the world " ! I would love to have a tee shirt with your logo !

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