Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt!

What is Himalayan Salt?

Himalayan Pink salt is chemically similar to table salt. It contains up to 98 percent sodium chloride. The remainder of the salt is made up of trace minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium, which give the salt its light pink tint. The presence of these minerals also explains why Himalayan salt tastes different to regular table salt.

pink salt

Where does it come from?

Our pink salt comes from the Himalayan Salt mines in Pakistan. If you are curious person, you should google Himalayan Salt Mines or Click Here. Himalayan salt mines are beautiful, with rocks of different shades of pink.  

How is it used?

This type of salt is used in the same manner as common table salt - in cooking, to season meals, and to preserve food. Most who use it even say it has a better taste than regular salt. Our Himalayan salt is extra fine, so we recommend it for cooking.

However, Himalayan salt has other health purposes. It can also, be used as a bath salt. Normally you would used a larger grain size, but our salt can be used in your bath as well. Just sprinkle a generous amount in into a hot bath.

What are the Benefits?

  • Sharpens vital brain functions, improves mental clarity*
  • Anti-aging; rids the body of acidic wastes that cause degeneration*
  • Eases cramps, constipation, digestive disorders*
  • Regulates and purifies critical body fluid levels*
  • Detoxifying to the blood*
  • Stronger libido, sexual vitality, more vigor*
  • Essential minerals replenishes vital electrolytes*
  • Nutrients are absorbed more efficiently by the body*
  • Foods cooked with Himalayan salt taste better*
  • It's also good for your pet*

What are you waiting for?

Don’t wait for these amazing benefits! Throw out your old plain white salt and buy some Himalayan Pink Salt today! Click on any image or the buy now button to get your first bag today. We offer two sizes 2lb bag or 5lb bag.


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