Hot Cream Uses for Cellulite, Muscles, & Joints

Hot Cream Uses for Cellulite, Muscles, & Joints

Hot Cream for Cellulite, Muscles, & Joints

Zatural Hot cream, Great for massages, muscle pain, joint pain, cellulite, and more! Let's discuss some ways you can incorporate Zatural Hot Cream into your life and the benefits you’ll see from doing so.

1-Zatural Hot cream uses all natural based ingredients. 87% of those ingredients are organic. The other 13% may not be certified organic, but they’re still natural based ingredients! Let's take care of our bodys and planet by using cleaning products!

2-Cellulite...We all seem to have it and that is okay! However, if you are wanting to work on tightening the skin and reducing the cellulite you can use Zatural Hot Cream. Apply liberally to the desired area and then wrap with some kind of plastic wrap and allow cream to soak into the skin. This will help tighten the muscles, tighten the skin, and reduce cellulite. This can also help for toning muscles!

3-Sore muscles. We’ve all probably experienced sore muscles at some point. Be it from exercise, a tear, a stretch, or whatever! Apply Zatural Hot cream to the desired area and massage in. Our Hot Cream will create a heating and cooling sensation that will assist with healing and pain management.

- Achy Joints. Turmeric is an excellent option for achy joints. But if you’re looking for a quick help, apply Zatural Hot Cream to the area and massage. Repeat as needed and allow time for the heating and cooling to assist with the Joint Pain.

4-Massage Lotion. YES! Use Zatural Hot cream as a massage lotion. Talk about serious relaxation to the muscles and an overall tingly feeling on your back and legs! Helps relax your muscles to get a good deep massage. USE IT! You’ll thank me later!

Check it out here.

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  • hyrum stanger
Comments 3
  • Walter Chapman
    Walter Chapman

    Great blog! Really useful information that you have shared with us. Highly recommended your this kind of informative post. Keep posting & sharing!

  • Zatural

    Hi Cathy, the creams you are referring too do not contain any Mg of CBD. However, as of now we are selling a CBD hot cream, CBD butter, and CBD healing salve. Those products can be found at the link below.

  • Cathy Erdman
    Cathy Erdman

    What mg are your creams ?

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