How Does CBD Make You Feel?

How Does CBD Make You Feel?

The popularity of CBD as an alternative is growing. Every day more and more people are discovering its benefits, and every year the market grows larger.

Does CBD Make Different People Feel Different Things?

While the effects of CBD can vary depending on the user, the chemistry behind how it works remains the same.

CBD may work by activating CB2 receptors in the body. The effect experienced by the user depends on the type of receptor being activated.

For example, serotonin is a widely-known neurotransmitter assisting mood, appetite, sleep, and other physiological functions. CBD may affect serotonin, the studies are still out on this one.*

Are CBD Oil Side Effects Subjective?

Like all botanical supplements, the effects of CBD are subjective and differ from user to user. Some people may not notice any side effect at all, while others have reported a decrease in mood, stress, and discomfort.

The truth is that CBD’s effects are often subtle, and sometimes require frequent, consistent doses at high concentrations to tackle physiological ailments such as pain.

As if it weren’t comprehensive enough, the list of CBD’s beneficial effects continues to grow. As the market steadily increases, more research and clinical trials will be conducted, offering more concrete evidence as to the full potential of CBD, but for now, it's mostly through personal experience that benefits are discovered as they vary person to person and dose to dose.*


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