Is Black Castor Oil really that amazing?

Is Black Castor Oil really that amazing?

Top Benefits and Uses for Jamaican Black Castor Oil

You read the title right, this is not your ordinary Castor Oil. So, What is Jamaican Black Castor Oil? How can it help you? Should you consider using it? I’m confident you will love this product and be ready to try it after finding out how amazing it truly is!

1-Although there are many amazing benefits of Black Castor Oil, Hair is the main one!

  • Moisturizes-thanks to the rich amounts of Vitamins and Omegas. Great for frizzy and brittle hair as well as colored hair.
  • Strength-Not only will your hair be much softer thanks to the moisturizing effects. It will also be much stronger. No more breaking or splitting ends. If you have brittle hair or frizzy hair or any kind of hair you NEED to add this to your daily hair routine.
  • Eyelash-Strengthen and lengthen your eyelashes.

2-Digestive Health

  • Black Castor Oil and Regular Castor Oil both are great for your digestive tract. They act as a natural Laxative helping to clean and detox your digestive tract. Black Castor Oil may also assist with constipation.

3-Lip Health

  • Black Castor Oils rich Omegas and Vitamins can help with sore or chapped lips. Simply apply Zatural’s ready to use butter directly to your lips!


  • Black Castor Oil has been shown to help with Menstrual Cramping. Even before the cramping starts you can use Zaturals Black Castor Oil Butter or Pure Black Castor Oil and rub on your stomach area. Also apply heat to the area

5-Muscle and Joint health

  • Black Castor Oil and Black Castor Oil body butter is an excellent way to massage muscles and sore joints. Apply liberally to desired area and massage in. After massaging in apply a warm heat pad or towel and rest the area.

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