My Journey to Health and Happiness

My Journey to Health and Happiness

Who am I? Today I am a wife to the man of my dreams, mother of 4 beautiful Homeschooled children, and Entrepreneur. My story didn’t start here though, so let’s go back to the beginning.

Like most children growing up on a large potato farm in Idaho, I was very active and always working alongside my family.When I was 12 years old I had to have my Tonsils and Adenoid removed, and something happened to my metabolism that day. Within a few months and without changing any eating or activity levels I had gained almost 70lbs. I struggled with my weight, losing some and then gaining that and more back well into my adult life. 12 years ago, after the birth of my second baby I was up to 265lbs. I decided that I had to do something, dieting wasn’t working for me. When my son was 16 months old I had gastric bypass surgery, and in 7 months had dropped 125lbs. The first 5 years were easy, and I loved being in a size 6. Than the weight started coming back very slowly. I was going to the gym three to five days a week, but still I was slowly gaining the weight back. I needed to once again evaluate my life and make some changes. What was I missing? The answer to that question is a hard pill to swallow. I was addicted to sugar. I vowed to cut it out of my life and never touch it again. Sound familiar? Easier said than done. I would do good for a few months, then have that “one piece of chocolate won’t hurt” voice go off in my head and the next thing I know, I am up 20 or 30lbs and back where I started. I knew better. My mom is a Naturopath and taught me what and how I should eat. What is wrong with me? I know better than this. 

I remember the day my mom called me to tell me about this product Appethyl she had found. It was discovered at Lund University in Sweden, and she was going to figure out how to get it to the United States, and did I want to help with this new company she was going to start. That is what brings me to today. Appethyl has been a huge blessing to not only my life, but my whole family’s life. I am able to keep my sugar cravings under control for the first time in my life. My husband is losing weight. My kids are no longer craving sugar, and as a result of that that are eating better.
Please join my family and me on this journey of health, and healing. Join me as I grow, succeed and even struggle sometimes. I hope that through my story you can find the inspiration you need to become the you, you’ve always want to be.
Today I started the 6 day Phase 1 Challenge in Lose It Fast: the delicious healthy way. I am 35lbs over my desired weight, and feel confident that I can get and keep that 35lbs off with ProSpinach Appethyl.

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