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What is Appethyl?

What is Appethyl? 2

The secret behind Appethyl® lies in it the patented process involved in manufacturing this clinically-effective ingredient, freeing the thylakoids from inside the plant cells....
Ginkgo Biloba Brain Formula

Ginkgo Biloba Brain Formula 3

Uses and Benefits of Ginkgo Biloba Brain Formula
6 Day "Lose It Fast" Plan

6 Day "Lose It Fast" Plan 0

6 Day Meal Plan to help you "Lose It Fast"
The 80% 20% Rule

The 80% 20% Rule 0

We are going to talk about different things we can be doing in our life, so we  have optimal health. You can find all of these in the Lose it Fast The Delicious Healthy Way.

This rule is going to determine success or failure during Phase II. This rule is really quite easy. It allows you to splurge and still continue to lose weight. Exactly what is the 80%/20% rule? 80% of the time you choose real, nourishing, whole foods made with real food ingredients.
20% of the time relax a little more and eat crusty bread at an Italian restaurant. Maybe a cookie your neighbor drops off, a helping of potato chips at the church potluck, a handful of fishy crackers, corn chips and salsa, etc. It’s all good, 20% of the time.
The 80%/20% rule basically means you don’t buy junk food when you go grocery shopping. Take a peek in your pantry. Do you have fruit snacks, crackers of any kind, granola bars, or really any packaged snack food. You can have other packaged/canned food like whole grain pasta, salsa, salmon, tuna etc., but NO snack food. Period!
Don’t buy ice cream, Oreo's, fishy crackers or graham crackers. If you want a snack, we’ll grab some kind of fruit, cheese, nut butter, or homemade Popsicles or veggies and dip. So delicious. And so much better than all that other junk.
The bottom line is this: Don’t plan on that 20%, and don’t use it as an excuse for bringing junk into the home. That 20% will come on its own simply by living: Birthday parties, date night, dinner out, popcorn at the movie, etc. Life happens so save the 20% for that but don’t allow any junk food in the home.

Why Do I Drink Warm Lemon Water Every Morning?

Why Do I Drink Warm Lemon Water Every Morning? 0

Did you know that you will feel better and live a healthier life if you keep the acid level low, and your body is a more alkaline environment? That’s what I just learned in school.
58 Smoothies to Start Your Day

58 Smoothies to Start Your Day 0

Which will be your smoothie of choice?

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