You WONT believe what Appethyl can do for you

You WONT believe what Appethyl can do for you

CUT hunger and STOP cravings!

Popeye the Sailor Man loved his spinach, and for a good reason, it made him strong! Appethyl probably won't make you have super strength like Popeye, but it will do some other amazing things for you. 

First lets dive into what Appethyl is. Appethyl is a spinach extract. It is NOT just spinach blended up into a powder. Appethyl is made up of the Thylakoids from the Spinach leaf. 1 tiny scoop of Appethyl is equivalent to 5 cups of spinach. But eating Spinach won't give you the same effects because your body will pass the spinach before it can break down enough Thylakoids to trigger the hormones that reduce hunger and cut cravings. The extraction method is patented and was discovered at Lund University.  By extracting these Thylakoids and taking directly it releases two hormones. One tells your body it is no longer hungry, the other tells your brain it does not want junk food. Pretty amazing stuff. There are a ton of clinical studies that have all come back positive. You can also check out these two articles here and here

How to use Appethyl

Add two scoops of Appethyl to your diet (scoop provided). You can add these scoops to plain water, juice, yogurt, oatmeal, smoothies, etc. For best results the two scoops NEED to be taken at the same time. Include a little healthy fat when taking. Avocados, almonds, etc are all excellent options. This fat helps pull the Appethyl deeper into your stomach and the results will be better! 

What it does

Quit simply, Appethyl reduces your hunger and cuts your cravings. It works by slowing digestion allowing your body to absorb more of the food you eat but also stay full longer, this reduces the amount of food you eat and need. Appethyl also works by curbing hedonic hunger. Hedonic hunger is also know as the hunger that causes unhealthy cravings such as sugary or salty snacks.


Free Book

Be sure to use coupon code "freebook" at checkout to receive a FREE copy of 'Lose It Fast the Delicious Healthy Way'. This book was written by Dr. MaryAnn Stanger, founder of Zatural. It is loaded with healthy recipes, and meal plans to assist you with your weight loss journey! 

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