4 Reasons for AGE SPOTS and How to Reduce Them Naturally

4 Reasons for AGE SPOTS and How to Reduce Them Naturally

Age spots or sunspots can be a real concern, especially as we get older. Liver spots are the most obvious indication of melanin overproduction on your skin (also known as hyper-pigmentation).

A little sun is great for getting some vitamin D. but you should get out before you get even a little pink. While we all feel that a suntan is healthy, even a little bit of color is a sign of injury to the epidermis.

By the time you look tan, damage has already been done. The more sun exposure, the more likely you'll have an increasing number of dark spots showing.

The good news is there is something you can do to clear age spots on your face and all over!


Causes of Age Spots_The hardest part is truly getting an answer as to why age spots appear. The spots are also called liver spots due to the direct correlation of a overly burdened liver. So what this really means is that there is a good chance if you are getting these spots on your hands, face or anywhere else on your body, you may be overworking your liver. It isn't uncommon to see ‘age’ spots in people as young as 25 if they aren't taking care of their livers. Birth Control Medication has been linked to age spots at an early age.

While the liver is a very important part of developing hyperpigmentation, there are a few other factors that can come into play:

Age: The older we get, the easier it is for age spots to develop due to liver toxicity.

Sun Exposure: Spending a great deal of time in the sun will make you more susceptible. Our bodies created melanin to protect us from getting sunburn and more sun means more melanin and a greater chance for age spots developing.

Hormones: When we go through major hormonal changes in life, it can cause an increase in pigmentation of our skin. Hormonal changes that occur with pregnancy and menopause may shift and create a huge increase in the amount of localized pigment to certain areas.

Genetics: If you're mother, aunt or even your cousin got age spots, it's a predictor that you are more susceptible to also getting age spots.

Reduce The Signs of Skin Aging Externally_By nourishing your skin with the antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and other essential nutrients it needs, you can begin to rejuvenate the delicate balance and tone to reduce hyper pigmentation and to help clear up dark spots. You can renew a more youthful appearance by using natural skin care for your face and body.

NakedOil® Vitamin C Serum will aid in your skin’s natural ability to heal itself and reduce inflammation to calm the signs of aging. It will aid in reducing the appearance of hyper-pigmentation and sunspots without jeopardizing your overall health.

Warning: There are products for pigmentation(age spots) that may reduce the spots but are harmful for your overall health.

Reduce The Signs of Skin Aging Internally_If you're intrigued with the true cause of what's going on in your body that caused this, then the internal approach is also necessary. You can start by taking a look at your diet and living choices.

What else is going on_Is your hair thinning? Does your skin look dull and tired? Do you have a lack of energy?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you most certainly need a good DETOX, not only your liver but also the other major organs of your body.  Try Naked Supplements 10 Day or 30 Day Detox Tea. Add to this healthy eating by avoiding all processed foods. Eat only whole foods during your DETOX. You will feel and look so much better. No, the age spots may not be gone after 30 days because the damage to your skin has already been done, but if you use the Vitamin C Serum along with the DETOX, you will notice a reduction in pigmentation and you will have a glow to your skin that you may have been missing.

Phytoceramide Ceramides are natural components of human skin. There are different ceramide types and six are commonly found in skin. All four layers of the epidermis contain ceramides, and they play an important role by creating a barrier which reduces infection and helps to retain the skin’s moisture. Reduction in the amount of ceramides  may result in dry skin, age spots, dermatitis, or wrinkles. 

Dr. Oz states 'you can drop decades off your skin' with Phytoceramides, Vitamin C Serum and a healthy diet.  

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