Is There A Difference Between CBD Oil For Dogs And People?

Is There A Difference Between CBD Oil For Dogs And People?

You already love spending time with your dog, whether it’s cuddling up with them on the couch or taking them on walks. Perhaps it’s time to enjoy your wellness routine with your four-legged companion too?

If you have already found CBD oil beneficial to you, you may be wondering, can it have the same effects on my pets? Or is there a difference between CBD oil for dogs and people?

Is there a ‘special’ CBD oil for pets, or can I share my human CBD oil with my dog? This article will answer this question as we look at some of the ways that CBD may affect your furry friend.

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CBD for Dogs vs. Humans; What’s the Difference?

CBD is CBD. This means that there’s no difference between CBD oil for dogs and CBD oil for humans.

CBD oil for both humans and dogs are extracted using the same method, both of them should be derived from organically, locally sourced hemp and should contain less than 0.3% THC.

But why do I see CBD products meant specifically for pets?

Although your dog can safely consume your CBD oil, serving recommendations will be different.

Also, most pet CBD companies will add unique flavors such as bacon to entice your pet into trying CBD. CBD oil for dogs may also have a carrier such as olive or cod liver, which may assist with boosting the health of your pet.

Therefore, although your best companion can consume CBD oil,  CBD products specifically meant for pets may be a better option.

CBD for Dogs Benefit

How May CBD Oil Work In My Dog?- Understanding Your Dog’s Endocannabinoid System

All mammals, including you and your furry friend, have a unique cell-signaling system known as the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

This system is thought to assist with maintaining homeostasis (a balance in the body’s internal environment).

This means all your body processes functioning normally.

In previous articles, we have explained how a positive interaction between CBD oil and your endocannabinoid system may assist with controlling various body conditions, including mood imbalance and physical discomfort.

Since your dog has a similar endocannabinoid system, experts suggest that CBD oil may affect your pet the same way it does you.

This means that you may give your dog CBD oil for the same reasons you use it yourself.

How to Dose Human CBD Oil for Dogs

We recommend that you go for pet-specific CBD products for your dog.

However, when starting, you may want to start with your CBD oil to see how your dog reacts to it before investing in dog-specific CBD oil.

There are some things you need to know before sharing your stash with your dog. One of them is what size of a dose to administer.

Although CBD oil may not cause any severe side effects, in high doses, it may produce sedative-like results- leaving your four-legged friend feeling lethargic or sleepy.

On rare occasions, too much CBD oil may cause diarrhea.

Although all these side effects are temporary, you want to eliminate any discomfort your dog may experience.

How do you ensure this?

Start small and gradually increase their CBD dosage.

Remember, just like in humans,  every dog reacts differently to CBD oil.

Therefore, you want to examine your dog and watch out for any potential side effects or reactions.

The ideal CBD dosage will be determined by your dog’s body weight, the breed, and the severity of symptoms you’re trying to alleviate. If unsure where to start, it’s better to consult your veterinarian.

How to Administer Your Human CBD Oil to Dogs

For faster results, a sublingual CBD application may be the best way to administer CBD oil to your dog.

This is because CBD doesn’t have to go through the digestive system, as is the case with edibles.

However, your pet may dislike the taste of your CBD oil in their mouth, making it hard for you to administer it.

Some people have reported great success by mixing their CBD oil directly into their dog’s food or adding it to a treat.

Consumed this way; however, CBD has to be digested before it can finally get into your dog’s bloodstream, which may take between 30 minutes to an hour.

Best Pet-Specific CBD Products

So far, we have seen that it’s safe and possible to share your CBD oil with your dog.

However, if you want to maintain a CBD wellness routine for your pets, it is recommended that you stick to pet products.

This is because the products are veterinarian-formulated for dogs and are much easier to dose and use.

Here are some of the best CBD products for your canine friend:

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil for Dogs

This Broad-spectrum CBD product is veterinary-formulated for your four-legged best friend.

We have different options; for Small- medium Dogs (Under 50 Pounds) and Medium-Large Dogs (Over 50 Pounds).

This makes it easy for you to dose as all you have to do is to up the dosage a little whenever your dog doesn’t seem to react to CBD oil.

Like all other Zatural products, our Broad-spectrum CBD Oil for Dogs is 100% from the Cannabis Sativa plant and contains no THC.

CBD Dog Soft Chews- Broad Spectrum

So your dogs don’t like CBD oil? Wait until you’ve given them these yummy, Zatural, CBD Dog Soft Chews.

They contain broad-spectrum CBD-meaning THC has been removed, but all the other essential cannabis compounds work in perfect synergy to assist your dog even more.

Like our other products, CBD Dog Soft Chews are non-GMO, organically grown with no herbicides, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or solvents.

They have also been lab tested for safety and potency.

Here is what some of our customers have to say:

If you’re interested in CBD oil for your horse, please check out our  Zatural Broad Spectrum CBD Oil for Equines.

What about your cat?

This veterinarian-formulated Broad Spectrum CBD Oil for Cats will save the day.

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Is There A Difference Between CBD Oil for Dogs And People?- Take Away

CBD oil is CBD oil, regardless of whether it’s meant for your pet friend or you.

They are all derived from organic hemp plants with less than 0.3% THC.

However, pet-specific CBD products may have additional ingredients (flavors) to make the CBD products more enticing to your pet.

They will also have dosage guidelines, different from products meant for people.

You may start by giving human CBD oil to your dog, to see how they react, but eventually, you may want to get CBD products meant for your specific pet, either a dog or a cat.

Like we have emphasized in our other articles, there’s not enough evidence to suggest that CBD oil will cure or prevent symptoms.

Use it to supplement other medications, not to replace them.

Always consult an expert before using CBD products for any medical condition.

Use this article for informational purposes only. For medical advice, see your doctor or veterinarian.

Ask us any questions you have regarding how our hemp products may assist both you and your best friend.

For educational purposes only.

*FDA DISCLAIMER -These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

by Vee Popat 

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