How Much CBD Hemp Oil Do You Need For Anxiety?

How Much CBD Hemp Oil Do You Need For Anxiety?

In our previous articles, we have been explaining how CBD hemp oil may aid various body conditions, including mood disorders such as anxiety. The question is, how much CBD hemp oil do you need per day for mood imbalance?

We wish we could give you a straight answer, but unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to CBD oil dosage.

This is because everyone is different, and your perfect CBD oil dosage may not work for me.

Since the FDA doesn’t regulate CBD and there’s no universally accepted or recommended CBD dosage, all we can do is to give you information that can guide you or serve as a baseline as you try to get the best CBD hemp oil dosage for mood imbalance.

But before then,

Enlightment about CBD

When is Anxiety Considered a Disorder?

Just like pain, anxiety is not always a bad thing. 

According to the American Psychiatric Association, anxiety is a normal reaction to a threat or stress and is meant to alert us or help us prepare for danger.

However, anxiety becomes a disorder when you experience excessive, persistent, and intense worry and fear about everyday situations. 

When these episodes of intense fear and worry interfere with your daily activities and are out of proportion to the actual danger, then they should be addressed.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that by interacting with the endocannabinoid system, hemp oil may aid in improving moods. 

However, this remains a claim we can’t make here at until more evidence is available.

Stressed out man with his head down on bench. How much cbd oil should i take per day for anxiety? How much cbd hemp oil do you need per day for anxiety?

So How Much CBD Hemp Oil Do You Need Per Day for Mood Imbalance?

We can’t give you a specific figure as this will come down to an individual. However, it’s essential to keep the following tips in mind:

Accurate CBD Dosages Are Critical For Serious Medical Conditions

    If you want to see how CBD oil may assist serious medical conditions such as inflammation from an autoimmune disorder, arthritis, seizure disorders, etc., you should get accurate dosage guidelines from a doctor who is familiar with CBD.

    Remember, CBD hemp oil won’t cure or prevent symptoms. Still, some people may find it beneficial given the way it may have less severe side effects as compared to most pharmaceutical drugs and the way it’s thought to interact with the endocannabinoid system.

    However, if you just want to add CBD oil into your wellness routine as a supplement, then you’re free to experiment with different dosage levels.

    lab tech testing hemp oil. How much cbd oil drops per day for anxiety?

    Taking CBD in Hot Drinks, e.g. Tea or Coffee May Mean Less CBD Getting Into Your Body

      High temperatures in the hot drinks will significantly reduce the milligram of the CBD. This means that you may have to use more CBD to experience the desired effects.

      Coffee being poured in a cup. hemp oil vs cbd oil for anxiety. How much cbd oil should i take per day for anxiety?

      Factors That May Affect CBD Hemp Oil Dosage

      Several factors will determine the right dosage for you as well as how long CBD stays in your body. They include:

      1. Gender

        Research suggests that gender can play a significant role in determining how CBD affects you.

        This is because factors such as sex hormones, the concentration of cannabinoid receptors as well as where they are located in the body may differ between women and men.

        Women may also react differently to cannabis during their periods. 

        According to a study by Washington University, women may build up a tolerance to cannabinoids faster than males.

        Although the subject of this study was THC, this could indicate that over time, women may have to use more CBD for mood disorders as compared to their male counterparts.

        Of course, more research is needed to ascertain this, but these variations may be mostly due to the different biological makeup in men and women.

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        2. Body Weight

          Several studies suggest that people with more body mass may require more CBD to experience its effects.

          The theory behind this is that although CBD mainly acts on the endocannabinoid system (which is almost similar in everyone), the compound must bypass various body tissues before reaching the cannabinoid receptors. 

          The process, how fast it travels, and its turnaround may be affected by our body weight and mass.

          The following table may help you with a starting dose based on your body weight. However, it’s important to note that these are mere approximations and highly subjective depending on several factors.

          Remember, this should not be treated as doctor-prescribed dosages, just a guide on a possible starting point. Otherwise, always consult a professional before starting on CBD hemp oil.

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          3. The Severity of Symptoms

            The severity of symptoms will also determine your dosage. 

            For example, if you’re taking CBD oil to support your general health and wellness, you will typically require a small amount compared to that of someone who’s looking for assistance with severe body conditions such as mood imbalance and physical discomfort.

            adult male stressed out with hands on head. How much cbd hemp oil do you need per day for anxiety?

            4. CBD Concentration

              How much CBD are you actually getting? 

              Please note that CBD products come in different strengths. It’s, therefore, important that you check out not only the total size of your CBD tincture bottle, for instance but also the exact amount of CBD in every drop.

              CBD products with a high CBD concentration means you need less of the product to experience the benefits.

              adult using hemp cbd oil. How much cbd hemp oil do you need per day for anxiety?

              5. The Consumption Method

              Another factor that will determine the dosage is the consumption method.

              There are many ways of consuming CBD hemp oil for mood imbalance. The common ones include tinctures, edibles, and inhalation.

              CBD oil consumption method affects how fast you experience the effects as well as how long the effects will last in your body.

              Inhalation and tinctures may be your best bet if you’re looking for quick results. Edibles will take longer as they have to go through the digestive system before CBD can get into the bloodstream.

              CBD Dosage Calculator

              Edibles also have the lowest CBD bioavailability. Bioavailability refers to the actual amount of CBD available for use by your body.

              On the brighter side, edibles offer the most long-lasting effects.

              Other factors such as body metabolism and the frequency of use are also thought to determine the perfect dosage for you.

              The best way to figure the amount of CBD oil you need per day for mood imbalance is through trial and error. Start small, then increase your dose until you get the perfect dosage.

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              How to Measure Your CBD Dosage

              You already figured out how much CBD you need, but how do you accurately measure your dosage?

              Edibles and pills are easier to dose since they usually indicate the amount of CBD in each capsule or gummy, for instance.

              But what do you do when it comes to CBD tinctures?

              hemp cbd gummies for anxiety.

              Measuring CBD Tincture Dosage

              How many CBD oil drops per day for mood imbalance?

              The 1st step is to figure the amount of CBD in a single dropper.

              Usually, a CBD dropper holds 1 ML of the oil. If we know how many milliliters are in a CBD tincture,  then figuring the amount of CBD in a single dropper should be easy.

              Let’s say you have a 50ml CBD tincture and the indicated total CBD is 2000mg.

              CBD in a Dropper (MG) = (Total CBD in Bottle/ Number of ML in the Bottle)

              In this case,

              2000 / 50 = 40 MG of CBD per dropper.

              Now assuming you need 80 MG of CBD per day, you will need two droppers of the 2000MG CBD tincture. 

              If you require 20 MG per day, just fill the dropper halfway, and you’re good to go!

              hemp cbd oil for anxiety and stress relief.

              Final Words on How Much CBD Hemp Oil to Consume Per Day

              A 2011 review shows that CBD, even in high doses of between 1200-1500mg per day, is tolerated well by humans.

              This means that you can experiment with different dosages without experiencing severe side effects.

              Remember, there’s no one perfect CBD dosage for everyone, as this will be determined by the factors we highlighted in this article.

              Your best bet is to consult your doctor or start with the smallest possible dose and gradually increase your way from there.

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