Why You Should Buy CBD Gum & CBD Mints!

Why You Should Buy CBD Gum & CBD Mints!

CBD Gum & CBD Mints

First off, if you chew gum at all, this is a must-read. With new Nanotechnology in the hemp industry and with the powerful benefits of CBD added to your everyday gum, CBD gum just became the biggest game-changer in the CBD industry.

In this blog post, you will better understand: Is Nano CBD better than CBD oil? Why is CBD Gum the best option? Is CBD Gum better than other edibles? Where can I buy CBD Gum & Mints?

Is Nano CBD Better than CBD Oil?

To understand whether Nano CBD or traditional CBD oil would be best for you, let’s first discuss bioavailability or the amount of CBD milligrams that reach the body for use.

You may be taking a dose of 10mg of CBD in a serving, but how much CBD is reaching your bloodstream to assist the symptoms bothering you?

This chart shows an estimate of the bioavailability of traditional CBD oil.

Zatural Bioavailability index

Technology has improved the CBD extraction process used to increase bioavailability. This new tech has created a ‘water-soluble’ CBD product called nanotechnology (Nano CBD). This technology breaks up the oil particles into tiny pieces and then suspends them as a liquid form. The result dramatically increases the surface area for more absorption into the body due to the small particle size.

The result? Anywhere from a 200-500% increase in bioavailability and effectiveness compared to traditional CBD oil products.

Zatural Bioavailability CBD vs Nano

Disadvantages of Nano CBD or water-soluble CBD are:

  • The duration of Nano CBD effects may be slightly shorter.
  • Water-soluble CBD products cost more to produce, and that price is reflected in what you are paying.

To sum it up – the bioavailability of Nano CBD is 200%-500% greater, but the effects may not last as long as traditional CBD oil products. The cost may also be much higher.

Why is CBD Gum the best option?

What a remarkable breakthrough in the CBD world! Why?CBD Gum is not a typical CBD edible. Every bit of CBD absorbed into the body is done through buccal mucosa absorption, which is the absorption of nutrients through the lining of the cheeks and tongue. This process can assist nutrients and compounds, such as CBD, by absorbing them directly into the bloodstream and skipping over the intestinal tract.

This fact also applies to CBD Mints that melt entirely in your mouth, thus absorbing upwards of 100% of the CBD milligrams.

By chewing the CBD Gum until the flavor is completely gone, you may absorb up to 100% of the Nano CBD directly into the bloodstream.

By dissolving the CBD Mint in the mouth, it too is upwards of 100% absorption.

Where Can I Buy CBD Gum?

CBD Gum and CBD Mints are so new in the CBD world there are limited sources where they can be purchased. You may be able to find some that are made in China and sourced from low quality of CBD or a product with no lab testing that may not contain any CBD or harsh chemicals.

It is always best to stick with a reputable CBD brand, such as Zatural, that has 3rd party lab tests and is sourced from U.S. organic farms.


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