5 of the Most Popular Ways to Take CBD

5 of the Most Popular Ways to Take CBD

Over the past few years, the popularity of CBD has skyrocketed. The evolving legal status of marijuana and hemp in the US has led to more widespread awareness and acceptance of cannabis and, subsequently, cannabidiol—so much so that two major pharmacy chains announced their plans to roll out CBD products in their stores.

With the CBD train going full speed ahead, the breadth and depth of ways in which it can be administered are growing as well. While sublingual absorption by use of tinctures is arguably the most popular method, CBD can also be vaporized, ingested through food, absorbed through the skin via topical products, and much more. Here are a few of the many ways to enjoy CBD.

The Most Popular Ways to Take CBD


A very popular method of taking CBD is under the tongue, or sublingually. Many CBD companies and users swear by this method as it allows mucous membranes to absorb CBD into the bloodstream directly. The tincture is held underneath the tongue for 60 – 90 seconds before being swallowed, and the effects can be felt within minutes.

Most CBD tinctures are full spectrum, meaning varying cannabinoids within them create a synergistic effect that heightens their combined effectiveness. This further adds to the popularity of tinctures and makes them a favorite amongst hardcore enthusiasts.


Another common technique used for CBD ingestion is vaporizing. Being an already popular method amongst nicotine and marijuana users, it was only natural that vape-friendly CBD products would quickly emerge. These products range from vaporization pens with pre-loaded cartridges to CBD isolate slabs or powder that can be “dabbed” using a special type of water pipe.

One significant advantage of CBD isolate is its purity—most CBD companies who provide isolate as a product pride themselves on it being 99% pure. This, coupled with the convenience of dabbing, make it a popular choice amongst vape and marijuana concentrate enthusiasts who may already have all the required equipment needed to dab CBD.

Topical Products

CBD is available in a wide range of topical products, making it easily accessible to those who are otherwise turned off by ingesting it orally or by vaporizing. It comes in lotions, salves, balms, shampoos, and more. 


For those seeking a more indulgent experience with CBD, there are edibles of virtually every culinary category available. Just as there is a market for marijuana in food, CBD-infused gummies, drinks, candies, baked goods, and more have been flying off the shelves in stores and online across the country.

Edibles are a great option for those seeking a more complete CBD experience than what topical applications offer but who also are turned off by the idea of vaporizing (as well as the taste of CBD oil). For a more creative and fun experience, users will often experiment in making their edibles by infusing their CBD product of choice into their favorite dish at home.

Skin Patches

A somewhat less popular CBD product on the market today are skin patches. They work in the same manner as a nicotine patch; body heat activates a slow and steady dosage of CBD into the bloodstream over several hours.

CBD is an incredibly versatile substance, and while this list does cover the most popular products available, it is by no means comprehensive. Gelcaps, high-CBD marijuana strains, and even suppositories are a few more examples from the long list of methods used to enjoy CBD. The best thing to do is to experiment with different products until you find one that is right for you.

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