Amazing Hemp Oil Products from Zatural

Amazing Hemp Oil Products from Zatural

For ages, Eastern cultures have turned to hemp as a remedy for a variety of ailments. Unfortunately, due to a negative stigma and association with marijuana, its use is not as widespread in the US—but that’s changing fast, as more and more people learn the facts surrounding the plant; mainly, that it contains very little to no THC (the psychoactive component of marijuana).

This increase in education and awareness has led to a surge in CBD and hemp popularity in the past few years, and the market is expected to grow even more. 

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  • Maryann Stanger
Comments 102
  • Zatural

    Hi Shirley, I am unable to make any recommendations based off of medical diagnosis because I am not a Doctor. CBD Oil can be great for assisting with pain and inflammation though.

  • Shirley Ellis
    Shirley Ellis

    Is any of it good for Copd and emphysema

  • Zatural

    Hi Jill, there isn’t a lot known about the effects of Hemp on the liver—and I’m not a medical professional—but from what I’ve found in a quick Google search, Hemp Oil seems to be very promising for the health of the liver.

  • Jill Fischer
    Jill Fischer

    I was wondering if it was good for the liver

  • yuva yamini
    yuva yamini

    Thanks for all the information that are mentioned in the post and also the benefits about the oils. We can also use the natural oils like Marachekku Oil in Chennai for the strong and healthy life.

  • Zatural

    Queen Sello, I’m not a medical professional so I cannot say if Hemp Oil will make a difference for you or not.
    I’m not sure if Hemp Oil is legal in Durban. If it is, we are able to ship to you!

  • Zatural

    Hi Debra, that’s a medical diagnosis, and since I am not a medical professional, I am unable to say if our products will treat or cure Rosacea.
    Hemp oil is very nutritious and may contain vitamins and nutrients that might be able to assist your Rosacea symptoms.

  • Queen Sello
    Queen Sello

    I have arthritis diabetes O wonder anybody get help for these illness with hemp oil
    I’m in Durban can I get hemp oil in my surrounding area

  • Debra Lyons
    Debra Lyons

    I have Rosecea, how do I know which oil to purchase for this? There are so many makers.

  • SmartKela

    CBD Oil is really useful. You get the opportunity to enjoy a feeling of calmness and more focus. CBD affects learning positively and it also motivates learning. It is also helpful in reversing the symptoms of the Alzheimer disease.
    Read More

  • Zatural

    Hi Doreen, for legal reason we can’t make any type of medical claims, saying that our product will cure or treat any type of medical diagnosis, such as (fibromyalgia). Our CBD oil is great for assisting with pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety and sleep. Our CBD oil would be a good option for you.
    Here is a link to our CBD oil:

  • Zatural

    Hi Ziba, If you received our virgin cannabis sativa hemp oil, you won’t want to cook with it. It has a very low smoke point. People buy our virgin hemp seed oil for its nutritional benefits. Hemp seed oil is rich in omegas which are good for our bodies. So you can either rub the oil on your skin or take orally to enjoy the benefits.

    Here is a link that will take you to more information about the product you have:

  • Doreen

    I have Fibromyalgia and have trouble sleeping what would be the best choice for me. Was thinking CBD oil full spectrum?

  • ziba

    Sprouts sent me by mistake hemp oil bottle for cooking oil, what is best way to use?

  • Zatural

    Hi Faye, when referring to any type of medical diagnosis, we can’t give any recommendations. I would consult a doctor for the best course of action.

  • Faye

    I am on blood thinner diabetes meds blood pressure meds could I take the drops.???

  • Zatural

    Hi Patti, our full spectrum CBD oil is a good option for assisting with sleep. We can’t legally prescribe, or tell you our product will cure or treat insomnia. Our CBD oil assist with sleep, by relaxing the body enough to sleep. It will also assist with having a deeper sleep. I would recommend our strongest strength that we offer, which is our 5x strength CBD oil. Which our 5x strength gives you about 50mg per serving.

  • Patti Walters
    Patti Walters

    I have insomnia. Which product is best for this?

  • Zatural

    We offer two different hemp products. First we have our Virgin Cannabis Sativa Hemp Oil. Our Virgin
    hemp oil comes from the seeds of the hemp plant. The seeds of the hemp plant do not contain any cannabinoids. Making our Virgin hemp oil a nutritional oil that is rich in omegas.

    Now our Full Spectrum CBD oil drops are a little different. Our Full Spectrum CBD oil drops and soft
    gels contain full spectrum CBD oil which helps assist our bodies with pain, sleep, inflammation, stress, and anxiety. The amount of full spectrum CBD oil in each bottle is listed on the front of the bottle in milligrams. This oil also contains Virgin Hemp Oil,
    and acts as our carrier oil, to help maintain the integrity of the oil.

    So benefits of our Virgin hemp oil is the omegas. Omegas that are mercury free, compared to fish omegas.
    Full spectrum CBD oil benefits include: assistance with pain, sleep, inflammation, stress and anxiety.

  • Nathan

    What are the benefits from hemp oil?

  • Zatural

    A: Mamun, Our Full spectrum CBD oil is great for assisting with pain, inflammation, sleep, anxiety and stress. Depending on the severity of the pain you are experiencing you will want to choose an oil that is stronger or weaker. 5x strength is the strongest option we have available.

  • Zatural

    Leroy, it is best if you put the oil under your tongue. When you put the oil under your tongue it will enter your bloodstream faster. Juice can be a good chaser to take after you have taken the oil.

  • Mamun

    Hi, I have foot pain especially feel sever pain while I wake up from bed at morning and stand up on my foot feel may be I will disable to stand up any more for this pain besides, have sever foot inflammation all day long excepting sleeping mode otherwise it is giving me a hell of pain since 2012 to till now. Please suggest me if I use your Premium Hemp Seed Oil and or Capsule will my pain heal and how to use oil or capsule?

    I have know your good name from website search and I am lucky to reach you. I live in Bangladesh and to get your product, please let me know the way out.

    Many Thanks.

  • Leroy Lewis
    Leroy Lewis

    Am I supposed to swallow the extract or put in juice

  • Zatural

    Our premium hemp oil is great for assisting with general pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, and sleep. Yes, I believe that our Premium hemp oil drops or soft gels may assist your husband. Thank you for messaging us.

  • Hazel Schreiber
    Hazel Schreiber

    My husband has had a mild stroke. It has affected his memory and he get dreadful headaches. Will your hemp oil assist. Thank you

  • Zatural

    I’m sure you would be fine, but you will want to do an allergy test before you take the product. So, I would buy our cheapest product option. Give a try, and if you don’t have an allergic reaction to it, I would say it’s safe for you to take.


    I have many food allergies, an diabetees ( on no meds for it) is this safe for me to take. Thank you. Ann

  • Zatural

    Our prices can be found by going to the product page. You will also see the prices change depending on what size you choose.
    Here is a link to the product:

  • Zatural

    Jane, we haven’t seen any studies that have been done that show a correlation between hemp oil and IBS. I wish we could be of more help, sorry.

  • Zatural

    Thank you for reaching out to us. You could most definitely try our premium hemp oil drops or soft gels. Our premium hemp oil products are great for assisting with a lot of different things such as pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, mood and sleep. I would start out with our 3x strength option that we have available, and the best method is the drops. You take the recommended amount of drops listed on the bottle, under your tongue. You let the drops sit there for 30 seconds. After the 30 seconds, you swallow the remaining oil in your mouth. Buy doing so this will enter your bloodstream to deliver faster results. Although, I would recommend talking to a doctor before going off any prescribed medicine.

  • Zatural

    Charles: Can the cbd capsule heal neuropathy foot pain and general pain. Power blood pressure and cholesterol?
    Zatural: Our Premium hemp oil drops, which contain full spectrum hemp oil, is great for assisting with general pain, inflammation, and anxiety. For legal reasons Zatural cannot make any claims that our products can cure or treat any type of medical diagnosis. Our Premium hemp oil also contains hemp seed oil, which is rich in omegas. You may find studies online that talk about how omegas can help cholesterol and blood pressure.

  • Karen Page
    Karen Page

    Great post!

  • Karen Page
    Karen Page

    Hemp oil and cannabis are such an amazing cure for my dysmenorrhea!

  • Jennifer Hooper
    Jennifer Hooper

    Would love to give it a try but how much is it

  • Jane Halsey
    Jane Halsey

    Does hemp oil help with IBS?

  • Sanaya rathore
    Sanaya rathore

    CBD hemp oil has been proven in clinical trials to benefit humans and animals alike, as we both have endocannabinoid systems and are receptive to the chemical compound. Current studies also show that it is impossible to overdose on the substance. There is no need to worry if your dog takes a larger dose of CBD than anticipated – it is highly unlikely to have any negative effects, making it a safe and easy alternative treatment for your pet.

  • Katina Pendleton
    Katina Pendleton

    Hi, in doing research for Hemp Oil, on line, I came across Zatural, your company. I have been on 10 mg of Lexapro since 2006 and want to get off of it. Not sure that it is even working after all of this time.

    I have anxiety form time to time, I sleep well, I am 79 years old and am in good health. What I have read about Hemp Oil, I am interested in taking it. I would like to know from you how much to take and would the capsules be a good form to take it in.

    Would you email me your thoughts when it is convenient for you to do so. I would appreciated this very much!

    Many thanks.

    Katina Pendleton

  • Jennifer Smith
    Jennifer Smith

    Oh, I love hemp oil! So wonderful! It heals me!

  • Charles

    Can the cbd capsule heal neuropathy foot pain and general pain. Power blood pressure and cholesterol?

  • Zatural

    Amy Garrett-I cannot speak for other companies and their benefits as I am not sure of their quality. You can order direct from our website and we do offer Free shipping in the US!
    Glen-You can find the prices by clicking on the product picture or visiting the product page. Free shipping is 3-5 business days in the US

  • Amy Garrett
    Amy Garrett

    What about organic hemp oil found in the cooking section at Walmart, what is that good for?

  • Glen

    How much does the premium hemp oil cost and how long can I expect delivery.

  • Zatural

    Madeleine, I would consult a doctor, Zatural is not medically certified to give advice or direction for ailments.

  • Madeleine e
    Madeleine e

    I have a tracheostomy and when I use the oil it loosens my secretions and I am constantly coughing up loose stuff. Any suggestions?

  • Zatural

    Donna Charron
    Our Premium Hemp Oil Drops and Soft gels may assist with depression and anxiety. For legal reasons we are not able to make claims however.

    Sharon marut
    For general pain our Premium Hemp Oil drops or Soft gels would be an excellent choice. We are not able to recommend any products for arthritis however.

  • Susan

    Great article!
    I love Hemp oil so much!
    Using for my pets!

  • Donna Charron
    Donna Charron

    I have severe depression and anxiety since my husband took a stroke 3 years ago..,which one should and he take. Thankyou

  • Sharon marut
    Sharon marut

    I have severe arthritis in my right hip. Is hemp oil good for that

  • Zatural

    Merlene Davy, we are happy to here our cannabis sativa oil is helping. We would recommend trying our premium hemp oil drops or softgels. Our Virgin cannabis sativa hemp oil is good, but our premium hemp oil is better. You might see more results if you try our premium hemp oil compared to our normal Virgin hemp oil.

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