Before You Buy CBD Oil - MUST SEE 2 Minute Video

Before You Buy CBD Oil - MUST SEE 2 Minute Video

The 5 Ps & S of CBD OIL

PROFESSIONAL GRADE: 3rd party tested to ensure the absolute highest quality. We will provide continuing education through blog posts, videos, downloads, and trained Zatural employes.

PURE: 100% natural ingredients with no fillers like MCT Oil and no additives like artificial flavors or colors. Our CBD drops are 100% PURE Hemp. 

POTENCY: Zatural CBD milligrams(mg) on the bottle is the actual CBD mg and not the entire Hemp Extract mg. 

PLACE: We sourced the highest-quality, organically grown CBD oil right here in the United States from reputable, ethical growers.

PRICE: Low, fair, and affordable pricing has always been our first priority.

S - SAFETY: We don’t make unsubstantiated claims. We do cite our resources and provide 3rd party tests for each oil (including CO2 CBD).


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  • Maryann Stanger
Comments 2
  • Zatural

    Hi Catherine! That’s so amazing, thanks for sharing! We’re so glad your pup is now doing well! We wish the best for her and you on this journey!

  • Catherine Savino
    Catherine Savino

    I adopted a 12-year old Pomeranian who was surrendered because of mammary cancer. The rescue group removed the cancer and put her up for adoption—hospice care. I’ve had her two years now. She has had three more bouts with different types of cancer, one of them an extremely aggressive oral melanoma which consumed the entire right side of the lower jaw and wrapped around the front of her chin. She went through four rounds of radiation in conjunction in May, with the addition of CBD to her diet. She remarkably has survived and is even thriving today with no evidence of it remaining. There has been no metastasis, and blood work, X-rays, and ultrasounds all confirm no evidence of cancer in her mouth, thoracic cavity, head, or stomach. Credit must be given to the medical interventions, but I believe that the CBD has contributed enormously as well.

    Her vet practices integrative medicine and introduced me to diet modifications, (Keto for the dog, starve the cancer) and CBD. I did a lot of research and came upon Zatural products and Apocaps for dogs. Veterinarian Dr. Dressler, who developed Apocaps, speaks about incorporating CBD in conjunction with his Apocaps into your dog’s palliative and/or healing protocol. He does not endorse any CBD manufacturer by name, but I highly recommend Zatural. If you read their product pages, I think you’ll agree.

    There is a high likelihood, based on my dog’s health history, that she will develop cancer again. I am dedicated to keeping her on Keto, Apocaps, and CBD and not because I expect the same results.I just want the short, furry kid to be comfortable for as long as possible, regardless of which outcome presents itself.

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