Buy CBD ? Here are 7 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing CBD

Buy CBD ? Here are 7 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing CBD

1. What goes into making a high-quality CBD hemp oil? Most importantly is the quality of the cannabis plants; without pure, organic, expertly harvested plants, you're never going to get a top-quality cannabidiol oil. At Zatural, all of our CBD products are made from non-GMO, organic, USA-grown hemp. 

Here are other things to look for when shopping for a high quality and affordable CBD product:

2. Are there fillers are artificial ingredients in this CBD product?  With Zatural, you receive 100% pure Cannabis Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil. Zatural contains no filler oils (such as MCT oil), NO artificial colors or flavors, NO fillers, NO additives. 

3. Is the dosage of CBD shown for hemp oil or for CBD?  Zatural CBD Oil contains pure, full spectrum Cannabis CBD for the entourage effect but without THC, thus avoiding the psychoactive effect. Some CBD companies list the milligram of the hemp extract (40mg per serving) while the real milligram for CBD is only 4 mg. 

4. What is the country source of CBD?  Zatural CBD is sourced from the highest quality USA farmers and is 3rd party tested to ensure the potency.  Most companies do not list the country of source because they are buying inferior CBD from foreign countries. This CBD may contain harmful chemicals because of the soil or use of chemicals to grow. 

5. Does a higher price mean a better CBD product?  Short answer, sometimes.  When shopping Hemp on 3rd party sites such as Amazon, the prices appear to be 120,000 mg of Hemp Extract (CBD) for $9.99.  First, you cannot fit 120,000 mg of anything in a 1 oz bottle, and if it was really Hemp Extract, 120,000 mg would be close to $1,000 wholesale price.  Because we are a family owned company with a Naturopathic Doctor as the owner, our goal is to bring better health to as many people as possible. At Zatural, you won't find a higher quality CBD product for a better price. 

6. Is the CBD product GMP compliant? Federal law requires all ingested products in the USA to meet GMP standards.  There are very few CBD companies that meet these standards of safety.  Zatural is 100% GMP compliant so you know the quality of the CBD you are taking is absolutely the top of the line and you can be assured you are getting the dosage of CBD listed on the bottle.

7. Can I purchase a trusted CBD product online?  There are many companies selling products as CBD for a low price that contain 0mg CBD or not the quantity listed on the bottle. Always request 3rd party testing, country source of CBD and THC content. 

      COMPARE Zatural with other brands for quality, potency and price: 


      Zatural CBD Oil is: 

      • 100% pure Full Spectrum, Cannabis Sativa, Phytocannabinoid Oil
      • Freshly sourced from USA farmers
      • Processed and packaged in the USA
      • Grown organically without the use of pesticides or herbicides
      • Highest potency CBD milligram(mg) per dosage
      • Best price per CBD mg (see comparison chart above)
      Zatural CBD Oil the Ultimate, Pure Choice
      This blog post is for educational purposes only.
      *FDA DISCLAIMER -These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. 

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