Full Spectrum 0-THC* Equine CBD Oil

Full Spectrum 0-THC* Equine CBD Oil

Zatural’s Full Spectrum 0-THC Equine CBD Oil is ideal for all Equine animals. With 100% pure organic human grade ingredients you can assist your horse. We use only pure ingredients from the Cannabis Sativa (Industrial Hemp) Plant. Our Full Spectrum CBD Oil is infused into our Hemp Seed Oil and that is all that is in the bottle keeping it pure, simple, and effective!


Zatural Full Spectrum 0-THC* Equine CBD Oil is formulated for an average weight of 1,200 pounds.

We offer two strength options:

-Regular Strength 3,000mg 1oz bottle which contains 30 servings at 100mg per serving

-2X Strength 6,000mg 1oz bottle which contains 30 servings at 200mg per servings

 -Suggested Use-

We recommend for a 1,200 pound horse to start with the regular strength and give 1ml per day. This can easily be measured with the provided tincture. You may need to adjust your dosage as you move forward to find the exact amount your Horse needs! If it is working great you can cut back and give a little less until you find the amount that best suits your horses needs. If it is not working quite well enough you can increase your servings amount as needed. Every Horse is different and will need a different dosage so it is best to start with the recommended amount and adjust from there!


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