Hemp Hot Cream. A Must Have for Every Household

Hemp Hot Cream. A Must Have for Every Household

Cellulite? Sore Joints? Achy Muscles? Dry Skin? Nothing works?

I think at some point we've all felt a little helpless. Tried this, taken that, nothing works...

Let me introduce you to Zatural's newest product, Hemp Hot Cream. Hemp Hot Cream is an anti-cellulite, heating/cooling, all natural product that Works! 

  1. Anti Cellulite-Apply Hemp Hot Cream to desired area. Apply plastic wrap around area. Zatural Hemp Hot Cream will assist the area with its many All Natural Ingredients by heating, cooling, tightening, and moisturizing the skin. Once finished remove wrap and you will visually be able to notice a toner area       
  2. Sore Joints-Massage Zatural Hemp Hot Cream into desired area. Use as needed. Allow the heating and cooling to help soothe and relax the achy joints.       
  3. Achy Muscles-Liberally massage Hemp Hot Cream into the affected muscles. Massaging continually to help work the muscles into relaxation. Hemp Hot Cream will assist with relaxing the muscles and the high content of Omegas 3 and 6 and Vitamins will help soothe and relax the achy muscles.       
  4. Dry Skin-Zatural Hemp Hot Cream is High in Vitamins and Omegas making it an excellent cream to assist with dry skin problems.      
  5. Scars-Hemp is an excellent product to assist in scar reduction as it encourages new growth. Hemp Hot Cream gives you the same benefits along with the standard effects of the Hot Cream.      

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  • Maryann Stanger
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