The Benefits of CBD for Sleep

The Benefits of CBD for Sleep

About 70 million Americans struggle with serious sleep issues.  Chronic insomnia and sleep apnea are 2 of the most common sleep disorders. Causes may vary but they are often due to age, weight gain, hormonal changes, chronic stress, depression, and pain at night.  CBD oil, derived from the cannabis plant, may play an important role in sleep. It’s a non-psychoactive compound of cannabis called cannabinoid. The compound terpene myrcene present in CBD acts as a natural sedative and improves the speed of falling to sleep and quality of sleep. A high-quality sleep aids body repair, better cognition, and increased immunity.


  1. Sleep apnea may be the cause of your breathing repeatedly starting and stoping. People who suffer from sleep apnea may awaken often by their own breathing because of the narrowing airway. Sleep apnea requires a medical diagnosis.  Studies show CBD acts as it is a muscle relaxant. 
  2. Waking up early or during the night due to chronic pain is a serious life problem.   Studies show CBD oil assists in the relief of pain. It has been found useful to aid joint pain, auto-immune disorders, back pain and more. CBD interacts with your brain known as the endocannabinoid system assisting your cells to respond to pain in different ways. 
  3.  PTSD may be due to an emotional trauma or fear triggered in the brain. Studies have shown CBD may assists a variety of anxieties including post-traumatic stress and anxiety-provoked sleep disorders. CBD contains anti-inflammation properties, and may aid and assist many mood and stress related disorders.  
  4. Studies suggest up to 29% of the population suffer from Restless leg syndrome.  It causes leg or arms cramps, itching and/or leg pain. CBD has muscle relaxant properties.  It may assist with the pain and the restless feeling.  Studies show CBD has an incredible effect assisting with pain and anxiety.  
  5.  Feeling sad or reduced interest in life are all symptoms of depression. It can cause a lack of sleep. Causes of depression may be genetic, environmental or psychological.  According to studies, CBD may assist chemical balances in the brain by releasing serotonin. 

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