The Benefits of CBD for Sleep

The Benefits of CBD for Sleep

About 70 million Americans struggle with serious sleep issues.  Chronic insomnia and sleep apnea are 2 of the most common sleep disorders. Causes may vary but they are often due to age, weight gain, hormonal changes, chronic stress, depression, and pain at night.  

CBD oil, derived from the cannabis plant is non-psychoactive compound of cannabis called cannabinoid. The compound terpene myrcene present in CBD may assist as a natural sedative and aid the speed of falling to sleep.* This is not a scientific, but is based on anicodol experience. 

Please seek medical advice as to whether CBD is a good choice for you in assisting you towards a better nights sleep.  We do not encourage you to try CBD without the advice of your doctor for sleep or any other concerns.  

This blog post is for educational purposes only.
*FDA DISCLAIMER -These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. 

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