Top 3 things you should know before buying CBD Oil or Hemp Oil

Top 3 things you should know before buying CBD Oil or Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil is quickly growing in popularity. You can find it everywhere from the News to little shops on the corner and vastly available online at a large variety of prices. 

We are going to cover the Top 3 things you should know before making your purchase of Hemp Oil, or CBD Oil, or Cannabis Oil. 

Hemp Farm Hemp Field


You will often find such a variation in price but it is important to not make your decision solely on the price. Where the Hemp or CBD Oil is grown is very important to know. Hemp is like a sponge in the ground. It absorbs the good and the bad from the air, the water used in irrigation, and yes, from the soil as well. Knowing this, you can now understand why knowing where and how the Cannabis Hemp Plant is grown is important. Having a regulated and trusted farm is essential for a high quality plant that produces high quality ingredients. Many cheap imports of ingredients from China often times contain many heavy metals and are not 3rd party tested. This does lower the price but its not worth it if you are putting a bunch of heavy metals and chemicals into your body that you are trying to heal. Buying from a trusted Company with 3rd party testing is important so you know you are getting what you want!

Zatural buys all of its Full Spectrum Hemp from USA grown plants and has them all 3rd party tested. Our Virgin Hemp Oil comes from the best Canadian grown Hemp farms which we have visited and personally met the farmers. You can also reach us via email, chat, or phone during our regular business hours to answer any of your questions!

Hemp Price and Quality CBD


Is cheaper always better? NO. Can it be better? YES.

It is important to know what you are getting and why it is priced the way it is. When it comes to CBD Oil cheaper is not always better but that doesn't mean you cant find a good deal. If the product is cheap because it uses cheap imported ingredients then that is not a good option, as discussed in point 1, it may contain chemicals or heavy metals. 

Some very important factors to consider are

  • Quality of ingredients
  • List of ingredients
  • 3rd party testing
  • Where it's grown
  • Laws
  • Contains Full Spectrum CBD
  • Organically Grown

Don't sacrifice Quality for Price and don't overpay for the same quality

Zatural uses only the Highest quality ingredients and never uses any fillers or artificial ingredients. Our Full Spectrum CBD Oil is USA grown and is always 3rd party tested. We manufacture all of our products here in Idaho at our warehouse and are able to keep prices down for this reason. 

CBD THC Extract Full Spectrum


MG strength of product is also important to check. There will normally be two different methods to how the is listed. On the front there is normally a number that is stating the mg amount in the entire bottle, and then on the back or side it would be broken down to a smaller number which would be a per serving mg amount. This is important to know because the mg per serving is the number you will want to know in comparing to other products. If the company does not list the mg/serving you can figure it out on your own by taking the total mg amount on the bottle divided by the servings in the bottle. 

So if the bottle states 1,500mg and is 60 servings then you would be getting 25mg per serving vs if a bottle states 1,500mg and is 30 servings you get 50mg per serving. See why it is important to know the per serving mg amount as the number on the front can be very different between two bottles. 

Zatural 3rd party testing showing that no amounts of THC are detected in our products. 


At Zatural we are committed to always providing the highest quality ingredients with 0 Filler and 0 Artificial ingredients. 

This blog post is for educational purposes only.
*FDA DISCLAIMER -These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. 

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  • Hyrum Stanger
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  • Zatural

    Hemp seed oil is not the product that you want. Hemp seed oil does not contain any cannabinoids in it. Cannabinoids that are found in hemp oil are what you body needs to assist you with pain, inflammation, stress, and anxiety. However, hemp seed oil is high in omegas. Omegas have been known to also assist with pain and inflammation, but not as effectively as Cannabinoids.
    Our Premium hemp oil drops do contain the cannabinoids your body needs to assist with pain, inflammation, stress and anxiety. The amount of cannabinoids found per bottle are listed in milligrams on the front of the dropper bottle. Below is a link to the product.

  • Stan Cochran
    Stan Cochran

    We’ve been reading a lot of the information on Cannabis products and are more confused now than when we started. We both see a pain Dr. and have prescriptions for Dilaudid in 8mg, 6Xdaily and 4mg 4X daily. Cosquently we are plagued with other complications not associated with our initial reasons for taking these drugs. (Many not mentioned)
    We are looking for some pain relief and the ability to have a decent nights sleep. We recently were given some gummie bears made with a Cannibas product but are not confident as t exactly what it contained, it worked for both situations described above.
    The question I have before trying to buy any of these products is, for the above mentioned issues, what would you recommend?
    I have a bottle of Hemp Seed Oil and have no idea if it is really what I need or how to use it. Therefore it sits on a shelf.

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