8 Easy Steps To Start A Healthy Day

8 Easy Steps To Start A Healthy Day

Your alarm goes off.

You roll over and push snooze. You cannot stand the sound of the alarm nor what it represents: another day, just like the rest, got started on the wrong side of the bed! So, here you go! 8 easy steps to start your day healthy.*


Let's start there. Pick a song you enjoy and set your alarm to play that. Maybe "Happy" by Pharrell Williams. That will certainly make you do a dance climbing out of bed. Change the song often so you have something to look forward to.

Drink Water!

Water revs up your digestive system, and gets things flowing. It rehydrates after 8 hours (at least for a healthy day). Side effects of water first thing: clearer skin, better digestion. Adding a squeeze of fresh lemon juice or a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar will also encourage an alkaline environment.

Stay Away From the Computer (Cell Phone) for 30 Minutes!

Your mind will be more clear if you wait 30 minutes before checking facebook, emails, text messages, etc... You will be more focused and healthier throughout the day. It's gonna be tough, but you can do it.

Pray or Meditate!

Take a couple of minutes to show gratitude to your Maker or to meditate on things that you are grateful for, things that bring you joy. This will start your day in positive mode and will really be a great addition to a healthier you.

Take 10 Deep Breaths!

Fill your lungs with fresh air. Outside is best, but wherever you have the freshest air. This only takes 1 minute or so. It reminds you that you are alive and breathing.

Get Your Body Moving!

Bet you didn't want to see this one. But, honestly, this one can be fun! Or turn on your favorite song and dance while nobody's watching. Take a 10 minute walk or run. Do a few stretches... That's all it takes, just get your body moving.

Time for a Healthy Breakfast!

Don't reach for a box of cereal. Eggs, oats, or smoothies are all great options. (And they really don’t take that much time to prepare.) In fact, you can boil eggs ahead of time and have them ready. If you are vegan, one of my favorites is an avocado for breakfast. Real food for your 'break-fast' will lead towards a healthier you.

Self Affirmation!

Look in the mirror and say things like: "Today is going to be a good day." "Today I will serve someone." "Today I will strive for positive." "Today I will take care of myself." "Today I will eat healthy."

You did it! A healthier start towards a happier YOU.

P.S. You can look at your cell phone now!

*FDA DISCLAIMER -These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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