Sleep Support

Near the top of our list of the greatest ways to maintain your health is getting a good night's sleep, every single night.  

Melatonin Drops is a professional strength product with advanced sleep support.  It delivers clinically significant amounts of melatonin with convenience of dose as well as unlimited versatility.  Only when you sleep well at night can you wake refreshed so you can be your very best during the day.  

Valerian Root Deep Sleep is another great Naked Supplement for sleep.  If tension and stress are the cause of your lack of sleep.  If your brain won't shut off because your list of to dos is so long and growing, then this formula is an absolute must.  

Key factors that may affect sleep health

  • Inadequate vitamins, antioxidants, protein and essential fatty acids in the diet.
  • Poor sleeping area: uncomfortable bed, synthetic bedding materials, noise, too much light, high EMFs.
  • Eating too close to bedtime.
  • Insufficient sunlight exposure (to stimulate pineal/hypothalamus gland).
  • A diet high in animal protein. 
  • Acid pH (insufficient mineral intake)
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