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At ZATURAL, we are passionate about helping individuals achieve their best possible health. In fact, we have made it our top priority. We want to educate online shoppers about choosing high-quality, authentic products and warn them about the possible harm associated with purchasing supplements through untrusted or unverified companies.  

No Fillers, Etc.

Zatural has searched the USA to find the best manufacturer that would agree and abide by ZATURAL’s slogan of pure • clean • natural ingredients.  That is why on our labels under ‘other ingredients’ you won’t see things like: Silicon Dioxide, Microcrystalline Cellulose, or Magnesium Stearate.  Even the ‘top of the line’ VERY expensive supplements use fillers and lubricants.  They claim they have to make the capsule look good and flow into the capsule easier.  Zatural promises that we use NO Fillers _NO Binders_NO Lubricants_NO Additives in all of our products.  

No MiddleMan  

How can Zatural deliver such high quality products at low prices?  We have removed the middleman.  When you purchase a health supplements, oils, hemp, neem, or butters, you are buying direct from Zatural.  In essence, you are purchasing at wholesale prices. Purchasing online through Zatural is also very safe with added security measures in place.  An added bonus, we offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders.  


There have been several news articles aimed at increasing consumer awareness of dishonesty in the dietary supplement industry and at teaching consumers how to make wise decisions when selecting supplements. For example, Boston Magazine reported that as many as one in three supplements purchased could be fake. The New York Times reported that the New York State Attorney General’s office targeted four major national retailers for selling fraudulent and potentially dangerous herbal supplements. Recently, US Attorney General Loretta Lynch called for increased consumer awareness of “unsafe dietary supplements” in the marketplace recommending, “Above all, if you are considering taking a dietary supplement, talk to your doctor first.” 

Potency and Efficacy

But it’s not just the possibility of counterfeit or fraudulent vitamins that should be considered. The New York Times also posted an article about the warehouse conditions of a large fulfillment center. Warehouse temperatures can reach over 100 degrees F, which can drastically degrade the potency and efficacy (effectiveness) of products. In most cases, expiration dates are not posted in the product page details, and there is no way to tell how many people have bought and returned the product. According to that large fulfillment center’s return policy, you can return any purchase up to 30 days after receipt of shipment for a full refund. At Zatural, we guarantee your satisfaction forever.  

Qualified Sources

So, what can you do to ensure the supplements you are relying upon to support your health are authentic? First and foremost, know WHO you are buying them from! Seek a trustworthy source. Understand the importance of selecting a brand manufactured by a company that abides by good manufacturing practices (“GMP”), the regulations set forth by the FDA. 

Zatural contains every ingredient and in the amount that the label claims. 

While we recognize that we are not the only company providing quality, pharmaceutical-grade supplements, we are a company that guarantees the authenticity of our products.

Quality Manufacturing

Above all, any supplements you take should be made using the best ingredients in a highly-regulated, quality manufacturing facility. All of our processes are completely controlled so we can ensure material, component, and product quality and safety from beginning to end. Our Manufacturer’s Quality Control department tests and verifies the identity, purity, potency, and composition of all raw materials when they come in, and all finished products before they leave the manufacturer– this includes heavy metal testing for lead, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium on every single lot. As an added safety measure, in instances where we suspect there is even the slightest possibility of contamination, we have the product tested, often by a third-party independent laboratory, for a wide variety of potential contaminants (such as residual solvents, pesticides, PCBs, gluten, citrinin, etc.), allowing Zatural to stand behind its products. Our Manufacturer’s Quality Assurance department oversees all of these processes – plus our manufacturing, production, packaging, labeling, and marketing operations – guaranteeing everything we do is in compliance.

Third-Party Testing

We require regular, independent, third-party testing to verify our formulas meet the stringent standards we use for quality and purity. This means that every batch of a given product is tested by a qualified lab for an accurate analysis of its contents. We guarantee that each of our formulas is 100% compliant with the ingredients listed on the label, meets or exceeds GMP quality standards, and undergoes rigorous testing – a promise you can only expect from Zatural.

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