What is Hemp Extract?

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract is the total amount of phytocannabinoids found in Cannabis Sativa Industrial Hemp plants.  It may include the stem, leaves and blossoms. It is commonly labeled  Hemp Extract or CBD Oil

There are 2 extraction methods ethanol and CO2 with the natural extraction of CO2 being the preferred.

There are 85 cannabinoids found in Full Spectrum Hemp Extract but only 2 cannabinoids commonly talked about: CBD and THC. 

The term Hemp Extract may also be applied to a CBD Isolate product. CBD Isolate when the CBD is removed from the full spectrum plant and is now in the chemical form of CBD. 

3rd party testing of Zatural Full Spectrum Oil shows that 80-90% of the oil is CBD, the most therapeutic of the cannabinoids. 

All Zatural Hemp products are Full Spectrum Hemp Extract and THC Free. 




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