Best CBD Bath Bombs

Best CBD Bath Bombs

Best CBD Bath Bombs of 2020

Bath bombs are a welcome addition to any bath. With their pleasing and unique aroma, bath bombs allow you to enjoy an at-home spa.

Bath bombs are relaxing and exciting on their own, add CBD into the picture and things get even more interesting. But what are bath bombs?

In this article, we will explain what they are, how to use them as well as mention some of the best CBD bath bombs in the market today.

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What Are CBD Hemp Infused Bath Bombs?

If you haven’t heard the buzz about CBD yet, let us bring you up to speed. CBD is a natural compound from the cannabis plant that has been revolutionizing the wellness and beauty sectors.

Short for Cannabidiol, CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning, it won’t get you high. Assuming you get it from a reputable vendor, CBD is completely safe to consume.

Our interest is on how CBD works on the endocannabinoid system (ECS), a specialized biological system in the human body.

According to experts, this system is responsible for regulating vital body functions in the body such as sleep, appetite, immune system response, etc. Scientists believe that by positively interacting with this system, CBD may assist improve the quality of our lives.

There are many ways of consuming CBD with the most popular ones being vaping, edibles, tinctures and topicals. However, new, innovative ways of consuming CBD are appearing every day, with CBD bath bombs being the latest innovation.

As the name suggests, CBD bath bombs are just that, bath bombs infused with CBD.

CBD bath bombs offer a relaxing and effective way to use CBD. As the bombs dissolve into hot water, CBD gets absorbed through the skin’s open pores.

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How These Bath Products Work

Normally, bath bombs contain a combination of Epsom salts, citric acid, baking soda, organic coloring, and essential oil (aromatherapy agent).

CBD bath bombs are like traditional bath bombs with the addition of CBD as an ingredient.

Just like creams, lotions, and salves, bath bombs are topical products.

However, while creams and lotions offer targeted relief by being applied to the affected area, to use bath bombs, all you need is to drop them into your tub and watch as they fizzle and dissolve.

When they touch water, bath bombs dissolve. This results in a chemical reaction, and hence the iconic fizziness.

The essential oils released will be absorbed into your skin, giving you a soothing and relaxing spa-home experience.

Soaking in a warm water bath opens your skin pores. This allows the dissolved Cannabidiol to quickly get into the bloodstream via the skin.

4 Top Hemp-Derived Bath Bombs for Sale

CBD products are everywhere. This means that you have to dig a bit deeper before getting the best CBD products for your needs.

Don’t worry though, we have done the heavy lifting for you, so you don’t have to. If considering making your bath even more satisfying, and beneficial, we have the best products for you:

1. CBD Synergy Bath Bomb

If you’re looking for an amazing way to start or end your day, then there’s no better product like Zatural CBD Synergy Bath Bomb.

Just like the world is today faced by the coronavirus pandemic, history has it that in the 14th century, Europe lost at least 100 million people to the Black Plague.

However, not even the plague could scare away four cunning thieves who created a herbal concoction, which when applied on their bodies allowed them to break into homes and steal from dead bodies without getting sick.

The concoction, which came to be known as the robbers vinegar is what has inspired our product.

Zatural CBD Synergy Bath Bomb is made using herbal ingredients similar to that of the original robbers vinegar.

With its price starting from $11.99, this product offers a perfect way to stay sanitized and germs-free especially at this time when everyone can do with a little immunity boost.

CBD Synergy Bath Bomb


2. CBD Sanitizing Kit

Imagine getting 3 products in one purchase? That’s exactly what you get in this CBD Sanitizing Kit. Coming at a price of $29.99, this kit contains 2oz CBD Hand Sanitizer, 1oz CBD Essential Oil Synergy Blend, and of course, 1 CBD Synergy Bath Bomb.

All these products are made using herbal ingredients similar to that of the original robbers vinegar described above.

Combine this with our locally sourced organic CBD, and no germs can stand on your way.


6 Benefits of CBD Bath Bombs

As mentioned earlier, there’re many ways of consuming CBD. Why bother with CBD bath bombs?

They Distribute CBD Through Your Entire Body

The most notable difference between CBD bath bombs and other topicals is that they distribute CBD through your entire body. This means offering full-body aid as opposed to specific regions.

Spa-Like Experience

Get the lighting well, find the right ambient temperature, play some soothing music, submerge your CBD bomb in warm water, and suddenly, a home-spa is no longer a far-fetched idea.

As CBD gets absorbed into the bloodstream, you will fall into a relaxed state, setting the right environment for a meditation session.

May Assist Soothe Body Aches

Some studies suggest that CBD may be helpful in soothing body aches. Bath bombs may benefit especially those who suffer from physical pains, e.g., joint and back pain.

While it’s not a treatment, CBD may assist manage these pains better than some opioids. This is because it’s not addictive and is not known to have severe side effects.

man getting a shoulder massageAllows You to Enjoy ALL The Benefits of Cannabidiol

Although it’s a topical, CBD bath bomb enters the bloodstream via the skin pores. This allows you to get the same benefits of Cannabidiol taken using another mean, e.g., tinctures, while also getting the benefits of topical application.

Improved Skin And Hair Health

Another benefit of using CBD bath bombs is that they may boost skin and hair health. Because of its antioxidant properties, CBD may inhibit excessive oil production (sebum). Excessive sebum production is often associated with oily skins and acne. CBD baths may also help moisturize dry skin.


CBD may help boost moods and promote relaxation. While they are drugs meant for this such as Xanax, some of them don’t work for everyone and may have severe side effects.

On the other hand, CBD is not addictive and doesn’t cause any significant side effects.

Once absorbed, CBD is thought to interact with neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin.

This positive interaction between CBD and these neurotransmitters, also known as the ‘happy hormones’ may boost or enhance our moods.

How Much CBD Should Be In A Bath Bomb to Receive the Benefits?

In other words, what’s the right CBD dosage for me? Well, this depends on several factors including your body weight, desired results, and individual body chemistry. Most CBD bath bombs contain between 20-100mg of CBD.

This gives you enough space to experiment with different CBD concentrations.

Start with the lowest concentration, then build your way up. Remember, no two people react the same way to CBD, so what works for you may not work for me.

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Where to Buy CBD Bath Bombs

Right here at If you are looking for the best, premium CBD products, feel free to check our online store.

Zatural offers four different types of CBD Bath Bombs:

Just like all our other products, our CBD bath bombs are made using USA grown organic industrial hemp.

We offer 30-day money-back guarantee, in case you are unhappy with our product, which is unlikely because we offer 100% customer satisfaction, and accompany all our products with 3rd party independent lab results. This ensures that you know exactly what’s in your product.

Take Away

CBD bath bombs seem like a great way to make your usual bath interesting and beneficial at the same time.

Your skin has a network of receptors, and as you soak in a fizzy CBD-infused bath bomb, Cannabidiol seeps in through the skin pores and bind onto the receptors, allowing you to benefit from cannabis.

Remember to only go for high-quality CBD products to get full benefits and avoid potential side effects.

For educational purposes only.

*FDA DISCLAIMER -These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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