Overpaying for CBD?

Many people looking for quality CBD products at an affordable price are coming up short in their search. We've decided to help make that journey easier by researching for you.

This blog will break down what to look for when purchasing CBD and how to properly compare CBD oil prices to ensure you're not paying too much for CBD. We will list some tips and red flags to look out for when shopping for CBD.

We know that everyone wants the best quality for the best price. However, you have to be extremely careful to make sure you are getting what you are paying for. Once trustworthy sources have been identified, then you will want to start to compare pricing.

Red flags to watch for when purchasing CBD

CBD can go by many different names. Depending on where you are purchasing CBD oil, it could be listed as CBD, Hemp, or Hemp Extract oil. With that being said, just because it has one of the three titles listed above does not mean it is truly CBD oil. Companies out there prey upon the customer's lack of knowledge and sell products listed as Hemp as CBD. In reality, they are just selling Hemp Seed Oil, which is from the same plant, but it does not contain CBD. How can you know if you're being duped?

There are different types of CBD oil. If the product states that it is a Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, or an Isolate oil, it most likely contains CBD. Full Spectrum means it contains all the cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, that includes THC. If a product is listed as Broad Spectrum, it should have non-detectable amounts of THC with the other cannabinoids present. Isolate oils have 0.0% THC and should only contain the cannabinoid listed on the bottle.

Before purchasing, it is wise to request a Certificate of Analysis (COA) from the seller. The COA is a test that indicates that the CBD product you purchased contains the correct amounts of CBD it claims to have.

Another test you could request would be a heavy metals and pesticide test. This test is important because not all CBD oils are created equal. CBD Oils from China and other outside countries often contain unhealthy levels of pesticides and metals. These unhealthy levels are due to inferior soil when in comparison to the United States or Canada.

What are the red flags? Red flags would be a company's unwillingness or inability to provide COA's or heavy metals and pesticide reports. Another is when a company fails to mention CBD oil type in the product because they could be selling a product posing as CBD oil.

How to compare pricing

Why is the pricing for CBD all over the place? The answer to that question is mostly due to CBD being an uncontrolled substance. Vendors can sell CBD oil at whatever price they want to.

How do I tell which company is selling CBD oil at the best price? The only way to figure that out is by doing the math. Using our Zatural CBD oil tinctures, we will help explain the math.

You've probably seen a number listed on the front of CBD bottles in milligrams (mg). For example, Zatural sells 300mg, 1,000mg, 1,500mg and 3,000mg CBD bottle sizes. This amount is usually in reference to the total CBD content in the bottle.

The best way to determine the CBD oil cost is by reducing it to the CBD price per milligram. Take the price of what you're paying and divide that by the total mg's of CBD in the bottle.

For example, if you pay $27.50 for a 300mg bottle, the equation is 27.50/300 = 0.09. You are paying about $0.09 (9 cents) per mg of CBD.

Here is what Zatural charges for Broad Spectrum CBD:

1oz 300mg: $27.50 (9 cents per mg of CBD)

1oz 1,000mg: $52.00 (5 cents per mg of CBD)

1oz 1,500mg: $62.00 (4 cents per mg of CBD)

1oz 3,000mg: $112.00 (3.7 cents per mg of CBD)

How does Zatural Broad Spectrum CBD oil compare to other online brands of CBD oil?

Base Strength bottles of Broad Spectrum CBD

Zatural (1 oz 300mg): $27.50 (9.2 cents per mg of CBD)

Major Brand A (1 oz 300mg): $29.99 (9.9 cents per mg of CBD)

Major Brand B (1 oz 300mg): $54.00 (18 cents per mg of CBD)

Medium Strength bottles of Broad Spectrum CBD

Zatural (1 oz 1000mg): $52.00 (5.2 cents per mg of CBD)

Major Brand A (1 oz 1000mg): $74.99 (7.5 cents per mg of CBD)

Major Brand B (1 oz 1000mg): $139.00 (13.9 cents per mg of CBD)

It is important to remember that if the company doesn't have a reputable brand, don't purchase from them. Even if their price per milligram is better, it may be low quality or a fake CBD oil. Make sure to look over google reviews and third-party lab testing to know if someone is a legitimate company.

In conclusion, Zatural strives to help customers find nature-friendly products that they can afford. We also provide a way to help improve one's overall health and well-being with our line of products. We have been around for 7+ years and are at the forefront of the CBD and Hemp industry.

We sell quality products at a great price. We always provide third-party testing for our products. We are consistently up front with our customers and strive to assist them the best we can. At Zatural, every product is free of harmful additives or chemicals. Each Zatural product ingredient is organic and safe for human use. Live life the natural way, as it was intended to be lived.

Zatural Broad Spectrum CBD Oil



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