Hemp Oil For Dogs | Can Dogs Take Hemp Oil?

Hemp Oil For Dogs | Can Dogs Take Hemp Oil?

Can dogs take hemp oil? After using hemp oil for its touted health benefits, you may be wondering, can my four-legged companion benefit from this compound as well? And if yes, how?

As with other hemp products, information on the use of CBD oil for dogs is scattered all over the web. 

This makes it hard to get true and credible information regarding the use of CBD and how it can benefit your pet. 

That’s why we have created this post to let you know all there is to know about CBD oil for dogs; how it may work, dosage guidelines, as well as the best hemp products in the market today.

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Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil For Dogs; Is There a Difference?

Here comes the confusion; while hemp oil is often used to describe CBD-rich extract from the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant, it’s also used to refer to hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil is extracted from hemp seeds and contains no active Cannabidiol.

So is there a difference between hemp oil and CBD oil? It will depend on where the oil is derived. 

If it has been derived from the leaves and flowers of a hemp plant, then there is no difference. If the oil is from the seeds of the hemp plant, then it’s not CBD oil. 

In this post, we will be talking about CBD-rich hemp oil, which can also be referred to as CBD oil.

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Are There Any Health Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs?

All mammals, including you and your furry friend, have a specialized system known as the endocannabinoid system (ECS). 

The endocannabinoid system (which is a system of receptors) is responsible for maintaining homeostasis or state of balance, within the body.

It controls vital functions such as mood, sleep, appetite, metabolism and immune system response.

Research has shown that, by positively impacting this system, CBD may have desirable effects on the body.

Here are some of the ways that CBD oil may assist your dog:

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1. Mood

The mood support properties of CBD may be among the well-understood benefits of this compound. If considering a natural option to aid in assisting your pet’s mood and restlessness, then CBD is an option.

Although it’s not a cure, several studies have shown that CBD may aid in reducing elevated mood levels in mammals. It’s believed to achieve this by impacting serotonin levels in the brain. 

Low serotonin levels may be associated with Mood imbalance.

Some studies suggest that the mood support properties of Cannabidiol may be as a result of 5-HTIA receptors located in the central nervous system.

In a 2019 study, a group of 79 people suffering from mood related issues were treated with CBD. It was discovered that 79.2% of the participants experienced improved symptoms.

Although the causes and levels of stress in dogs and humans may differ, CBD May assist both of them similarly. 

This is because all mammals including dogs have the endocannabinoid system, which is what CBD may impact.

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2. Pain

As your dog ages, they may start experiencing pain and other physical health complications. Experts believe that CBD may aid some forms of pain.

CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties may assist in reducing physical discomfort in joint cartilage inflammation in dogs

Just like the way CBD could aid back and joint discomfort in humans, it may aid with joint, hips, and back pains associated with over-activation and old age in dogs. 

This means that, although CBD won’t cure, treat or prevent symptoms your dog may have, it may assist his quality of life, especially in old age. 

Will CBD assist with your dog’s arthritis? Although studies like this one at Cornell University suggest that it could, we, at Zatural will not make that claim.

iHeartDogs conducted a survey which attracted 455 responses. 50.91% of the participants described CBD as very effective in managing their dog’s condition with 30% describing it as somewhat effective.

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Hemp Oil Dosage for Dogs

Just like in humans, finding the perfect dosage for your fluffy friend can be tricky especially because different animals will react differently to CBD

How your dog reacts to CBD will depend on several factors including the weight, age, and sometimes, even the breed. 

For instance, when giving your dog CBD for unhealthy mood levels, breeds that tend to be more prone to these levels such as Chihuahuas and Collies may require a larger dosage.

The best way is to start with the lowest possible dosage, then increase it gradually. Make sure to follow the dosage instructions on your product before administering it to your pet. 

Your Vet should also be able to advise on the best dosage range depending on your dog’s condition.

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Is Hemp Oil Safe for Dogs?

Yes, CBD oil is safe for your dogs as long as it has been sourced from high-quality hemp. Make certain there is not even trace amounts of THC, as THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid and evening trace amounts can cause unwanted effects.

Please note that the CBD industry is a relatively new one. This means that it’s still hard to regulate the sector and poor quality and even potentially harmful CBD products can find their way into the market. 

This means that you have to dig a bit deeper to ensure that you get the best CBD products for your pet.

Otherwise, being non-psychoactive, CBD oil may be an excellent addition to your pet’s diet as it has been proven to aid many health and aging symptoms.

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Best CBD Products In 2020

Yes, CBD may benefit your pet, but this will largely come down to the quality of your product. That is why we have included a list of best CBD products for pets to get you started on this journey:

1. Broad Spectrum CBD Oil for Dogs

Top on our list is broad-spectrum CBD oil for dogs. With its price starting from $31.00, our broad-spectrum CBD oil is doctor-formulated for the best man’s companion. 

The product is an all-natural compound with 0% THC content. It comes in many dosage options (for both your small-medium dogs, which are under 50 pounds and medium-large dogs, which weigh over 50 pounds) 

2. CBD Dog Soft Chews- Broad Spectrum

Starting from $12.99, our broad-spectrum CBD Dog Soft Chews are veterinarian formulated for your dog. 

This all-natural compound is a rich blend of cannabinoids that work in perfect synergy to benefit your pet even more. It’s THC free to prevent any mind-altering effects. 

This Non-GMO product is organically grown, meaning it has no herbicides, pesticides or any other harmful chemicals.  

The product comes accompanied by a valid, latest 3rd party independent lab certificates. This ensures you know exactly what you’re giving to your four-legged friend.

For more premium CBD products for your pets, feel free to check our online store. All our products are made using premium, organic hemp oil and are THC, herbicides, and pesticides free. 

Our hemp oil products for dogs are vet-formulated to ensure that your dog remains safe while benefiting from cannabis.

In case of any question regarding how hemp oil may benefit your pets, we are here for you.

Final Words on Hemp Oil for Dogs

Although we cannot claim that CBD may help treat, cure or prevent any, your dog of any disease, anecdotal evidence suggests that the compound may help improve the quality of your pet’s life when faced with a chronic condition or old age. 

Many people have reported using CBD oil for various pet conditions, especially mood balance, restlessness, and chronic discomfort. 

Although more research is needed to ascertain exactly how hemp oil may benefit your dog, for now, it remains a safe, natural supplement for your dog.

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