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Salt Scrub vs Sugar Scrub | CBD Sugar Scrub Benefits

By Jatauna Stanger  •  0 comments  •   5 minute read

Women using CBD Sugar Scrub

Do you want glowing, youthful, clear skin? Everyone sheds skin, develops callouses, and has skin blemishes. Exfoliating with a salt or sugar scrub is an effective way to improve the appearance of your skin.

You can make your bath time feel like a spa by adding a body scrub to your routine. Your skin will feel smoother and cleaner. Salt and sugar scrubs are popularly used, but which is better?

Here, we will discuss the main differences between the two and get to know which one may be best.


Which Is Better, a Salt or Sugar Scrub?

Salt vs Sugar Scrub

Salt and sugar scrubs are very similar in texture and their results. Let's look into the differences. Sugar and Salt scrubs are formulated with simple ingredients.

Sugar Scrub Benefits

The Pros: Sugar is less abrasive on the skin and is ideal for applying to more sensitive areas like the face. Sugars like organic cane sugar also contain nutrients such as iron, calcium, potassium, and magnesium, which are also beneficial for replenishing your skin.

Unrefined sugars are more abrasive than typical table sugars, so avoiding unrefined sugars on your face or other sensitive areas is recommended. One key benefit of sugar scrubs over salt scrubs is that sugar is less abrasive than salt scrubs.

Salt scrubs have been shown to cause microscope cuts in the skin, whereas sugar does not. That's why salt scrubs tend to sting when applied to freshly shaved legs or sunburnt skin.

Sugar scrubs are great for removing dead skin from sunburns where peeling skin is occurring.

The Cons: Sugar Scrubs do not provide other benefits beyond exfoliation.

Scrub to remove dead skin cells

Sugar scrubs are only useful as an exfoliant for removing dead skin cells and helping new skin growth. However, a sugar scrub is the best product for the job if you want to exfoliate the skin to reveal new glowing skin.


Salt Scrub Benefits

The Pros: Salt scrubs not only exfoliate the skin but also have detoxing benefits.

Salt works the way as sugar scrubs, in the sense that when applied topically, the scrub physically buffs away dead skin cells that have built up upon the skin.

Scrub cleaning pores

However, salt scrubs have the additional bonus of pulling toxins out of the skin to help ease inflammation.

That's one of the reasons products like salt scrubs are so popular among athletes and hard-working individuals who want the exfoliating and detoxifying benefits to relieve sore and inflamed muscles.

Salt scrubs are preferred for areas of the body where the skin layer is thicker such as the hands, feet, and elbows.

The Cons: Salt scrubs, as discussed above, can irritate delicate skin and cause microscope cuts.


Which Is Better?

When it comes down to it, they are both ideal in different situations. Salt scrubs for thicker areas tend to dry out fast or often have dead skin. Salt also allows for detoxing to occur.

Sugar scrubs can be applied to more sensitive areas like the face and legs. Sugar scrubs tend to be universal because they can be applied to all body areas needing exfoliation.


Benefits of Exfoliating Your Body With a CBD Sugar Scrub

Women taking bath with CBD sugar scrub

Exfoliating your body with CBD sugar scrub is one of the best ways to care for your skin.

It may be beneficial to help reduce pore size, remove the build-up of dead skin cells, prevent pore blockage, hydrate skin, and reduce the appearance of acne and wrinkles.

Exfoliated skin can absorb serums, moisturizers, and sunscreen more readily because it is not covered in dirt and dead skin.

After exfoliating with a CBD Sugar Scrub, your skin may appear brighter, smoother, and healthier. Exfoliating helps stimulate more blood flow, which generates new skin cells.

An ideal time to exfoliate may be right before you shave. This cleans the skin, helps loosen ingrown hairs, and lifts the hair cuticle for a cleaner, closer shave.


How To Properly Use a Sugar Scrub in 5 Steps

1. You first want to rinse the area with warm water to soften the skin and open the pores.

2. You can apply the sugar scrub using the tips of your fingers or a washcloth. Whatever your preference. Rub the CBD sugar scrub gently in a circular motion.

You never want to push too hard because you can cause scratches on your skin. Scrub until the area is clean or for 20-60 seconds.

If you have a trouble area, It's best to rub gently but for a longer amount of time vs. vigorously scrubbing hard. Be gentle on your skin and avoid using the scrub on your face.

3. Rinse with warm water while gently rubbing off the scrub's remaining oils and sugar granules.

4. Pat your skin dry using a clean towel. Be careful not to rub. Your skin may be especially sensitive after using a body scrub.

5. Afterward, apply a soothing body butter. Body butter like Zatural's hempy hand and body butter are ideal.

After you use a scrub for a few weeks, you may notice how often your skin needs to be exfoliated by watching for signs of irritation. General instructions usually encourage only using an exfoliating scrub 1-3 times a week.


Sum It Up!

Sugar or salt scrub, which is better? The answer is sugar scrub. Although Salt scrubs and Sugar scrubs are both popularly used, sugar scrub may be best for use on your body because it has a finer grain and is more gentle for sensitive skin.

Exfoliating with a sugar scrub may result in healthier, hydrated, youthful-looking skin. CBD may be an effective additional ingredient to help reduce or prevent irritation on the skin. You should stop or reduce the use of a sugar scrub if it causes any irritation.


Where Can I Find a CBD Sugar Scrub?

Zatural offers one of the best high-quality Exfoliating Sugar Scrubs on the market. This Sugar Scrub is made with five natural ingredients to help nourish and replenish dry skin while exfoliating. It is essential for your skincare routine and is safe for all skin types.

Backed by a 30-day guarantee, we promise this will be one of your favorite products, hands down.

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