Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil vs Cannabis Sativa vs Industrial Hemp

Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil vs Cannabis Sativa vs Industrial Hemp

 Hemp Oil, CBD Oil, Cannabis Sativa, Industrial Hemp, Marijuana, Hemp Extract...Finally a simple description of each and their uses!

Cannabis Sativa is the botanical name of the plant species. There are multiple strains of the Cannabis Sativa plant. One of the common strains is called Industrial Hemp which is where we get our Hemp Oil and CBD Oil and the other is Marijuana. These are different plants, but both come from the same family of plants. Industrial Hemp naturally produces higher levels of Cannabidiols (CBD) and low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Industrial Hemp has been legalized for cultivating in the USA according to the Farm Bill Act and is where most Hemp Oil and CBD Oil products come from. Marijuana plants are just the opposite producing high levels of THC and lower levels of CBD. The legal status of Marijuana varies vastly from state to state. At Zatural we use the Industrial Hemp strain for all of our Hemp Oil and CBD Oil products. All Zatural products are 3rd party tested to ensure there is no THC present. 

Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil is most commonly sourced from the Cannabis Sativa (Industrial Hemp) plant seed. It is also called Hemp Oil or Hemp Seed Oil.  Hemp Oil is regulated in its production and is tested for THC and CBD levels, however it does not contain either of those Cannabinoids. Test have shown that there are no cannabinoids present in the seeds of the hemp plant. Hemp Oil is most commonly referred to as a Superfood, because of the high levels of Omegas, Vitamins, and other Nutrients. It may also assist with Pain, and stress due to its naturally occurring nutrients. Hemp Oil is also excellent for Hair and skin thanks to all of those Omegas and Vitamins! 

Zatural Hemp Oil is safe for both Humans and Pets. 

CBD Oil or Hemp Extract

CBD Oil or Hemp Extract- CBD Oil, often times referred to as Hemp Extract. Hemp extract is an extract with naturally occurring terpenes, flavonoids, Cannabinoids, and other beneficial phytonutrients from the hemp plant. This CO2 extracted Hemp oil or CBD Oil is free of harmful solvents and uses a gentle, low temperature, alcohol free extraction process that yields the purest form of Hemp oil extract or CBD Oil available. This clean oil extraction process yields a high quality extracted hemp oil retaining a broad spectrum of terpenes, Cannabinoids, and other phyto-compounds derived from the Cannabis Sativa industrial hemp plant like CBD Oil. Zatural's CBD Oil does not contain THC and is legal in all 50 states. CBD Oil is most commonly used to assist with Pain, Stress, Anxiety, Sleep, Inflammation, etc. This is due to the Cannabinoids present.

Zatural CBD Oil is safe for both Humans and Pets

Cannabis Oilis commonly from the marijuana plant but can vary depending on the manufacturer as Cannabis is also the botanical name of the Industrial Hemp plant. The Cannabis oil from the Marijuana strain is extracted from the Marijuana plant.  It contains high levels of THC and lower levels of CBD Oil.  Cannabis Oil from the Marijuana plant is illegal in most states. It is used for medicinal purposes and as a recreational drug.  It is not regulated in its production. 

Zatural does not sell or produce any products from the Marijuana plant.

FAQ: Questions and Answers

Q: Is Hemp oil the same as Hemp Extract/CBD Oil or medicinal cannabis oil?

A: No, Hemp Oil and CBD Oil both are made from the same plant though. Hemp oil is very beneficial containing a lot of antioxidants and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Hemp oil is normally pressed from the seeds of the hemp plant, which means it does not contain the same amount of cannabinoids found in CBD oil or Hemp Extract which are extracted from the whole plant.

Q: Will this product make me fail a drug test?

A: No, you will not fail a drug test. All our Zatural products are 3rd party tested to ensure that no THC is present in the oil. We only sell products that register as ND (Not Detected) or 0. Most drug tests are testing for THC levels. However, cheaper drug testing may be testing a wider variety of cannabinoids as they may not be specific enough to test for THC only. It is always a good idea to discuss with your employer or whomever before hand and explain that you are considering taking Hemp Oil or CBD oil. We can provide the tests showing there is no THC present.

Q: Will I get "high" if I use Hemp oil or CBD oil?

A: NO! All of our hemp products are 3rd party tested to ensure there is no THC present. THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid. Without the presence of THC you will not test positive on a drug test. 

Q: What’s the Hemp Extract content in your hemp seed oil compared to others?

A: Our Hemp Oil is regulated to contain no levels of THC as per the legal limits of the State of Idaho. Our CBD Oil is also tested and contains no levels of THC. Our Hemp Oil and CBD Oil are both 100% from the Cannabis plant (save the Peppermint Essential Oil Flavoring and Stevia in our Peppermint option). We do not dilute or use any fillers such as Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT), Vegetable Glycerin, or other fillers.  We do offer our CBD Oil in a variety of strengths to suit everyones needs starting at Regular Strength, 3X Strength, & 5X Strength. Click the below image to see more specific to Zatural CBD Oil and Hemp Oil.

Q: What is the difference between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil?

A: We offer two different hemp products. First we have our Virgin Cannabis Sativa Hemp Oil. Our Virgin hemp oil comes from the seeds of the hemp plant. The seeds of the hemp plant contain only trace amounts of cannabinoids. Our Virgin hemp oil is a nutritional oil rich in vegan omegas. Our 3rd party lab test do not show any levels of cannabinoids. 

Our Full Spectrum CBD oil drops and soft gels contain full spectrum CBD oil, to assist with pain, sleep, inflammation, stress, and anxiety. The amount of full spectrum CBD oil in each bottle is listed on the front of the bottle in milligrams.

Do we you carry CBD OIL?  YES! Click on the Product below.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

( Our CBD oil drops are excellent at assisting with pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety and sleep. )


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*Health Canada has not licensed cannabis oil products as either a pharmaceutical or natural health product. 

Do not confuse cannabis oil extracts(marijuana) with hemp seed oil, which is the oil expeller pressed from hemp seed and not chemically extracted from cannabis leaves and flowers.  Marijuana oil extracts on the other hand contain from 5-20% THC. WE DO NOT CARRY THIS OIL.  ALL OUR OILS ARE LEGAL IN THE UNITED STATES. All of our Oils come from the Industrial Hemp Plant and are legal in all 50 states. 

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  • Maryann Stanger
Comments 81
  • JIm Dunham
    JIm Dunham

    By going through the article, first time i came to know that cannabis and cannabinoid are use for treatment as well. Thank you for educating through your blog.

  • Zatural

    Hi Cheryl, for legal reason we can’t make any type of medical claims, saying that our product will cure or treat any type of medical diagnosis, such as (depression). Our CBD oil is great for assisting with pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety and sleep. To help with taste we do offer peppermint flavor. We will be offering more flavors in the near future. Some who take the oil like to mix it with orange juice or use orange juice as a chaser.

  • Cheryl

    What helps with depression? What can I do so it doesn’t taste so bad?

  • CBD-UK

    “Nice info!”

  • myphysicalwellbeing

    good post thanks for sharing ;)

  • Zatural

    Hi Mollie, For legal reason we can’t make any type of medical claims, saying that our product will cure or treat any type of medical diagnosis, such as (IBS). Our CBD oil is great for assisting with pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety and sleep. So our product could assist you with stress for sure. The difference between the oil and the drops will be the amount of CBD in each serving, and also how fast you can receive the benefits. The soft gels take longer because they have to be digested, where as the drops are administered under the tongue so it gets into your bloodstream faster.

  • Mollie

    I’m looking for a natural product to assist with stress that is causing IBS. Do you recommend CBD oil or hemp? And is there much of a difference between the oil and the soft gels?

  • Zatural

    Hi Barbara, our Full spectrum CBD oil line would be a great start for finding assistance with pain and inflammation. Our CBD oil contains hemp seed oil and CBD oil, so you get the best of both. Here is a link to the product:

  • Zatural

    Hi Mary, our Full spectrum CBD oil is great for assisting with pain, inflammation, stress, and anxiety. People and pets are able to take CBD oil to receive its calming benefits. Here is a link to the product:
    When giving CBD to small dogs, you will want to reduce the dosage size. We recommend 30 drops for people, and about 5 drops for pets to start out with.

  • Zatural

    Hi Jack, we use Hemp seed oil as our carrier oil, for our CBD oil.

  • barbara

    Have knee , shoulder and back osteoarthritis and love tennis. Still confused as to which will work best for me-hemp oil or cbd oil?

  • Mary Kay Allgood
    Mary Kay Allgood

    Which product should for my yorkie who is catatonic when traveling in the car. She is a rescue and may have had a bad experience with cars. Thanks.

  • Jack

    How do you offer regular, x3 & x5 strengths without using some carrier oil or filler oil?

  • Karen

    One of THE clearest articles I’ve come across on the differences between hemp oil pressed from the seeds and CBD oil derived through extraction from the whole hemp plant.

    Thank you. I wish you were in Canada (and that these were Canadian prices!).

  • Zatural

    Hi Sandy, for legal reason we can’t make any type of medical claims, saying that our product will cure or treat any type of medical diagnosis, such as (arthritis). Our CBD oil is great for assisting with pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety and sleep. Depending on the amount of pain or inflammation you will need to pick a strength according. If you are on a scale of 5 to 7 then 3x strength is the best. You can take more or less depending on what you feel as needed.

  • Sandy Bunch
    Sandy Bunch

    I have pain issues w arthritis in hips, legs and arms. I have read all above and still didn’t understand a clear answer to question
    of which is better. Cbd or hemp oil? I have taken hemp oil and it has helped w sleep issues due to pain.

  • Sher

    People: CBD oil is kind of similar (not 100% similar) to pharmaceuticals in which it can have many different reactions in each person. A pharma drug may be a psychotic, but in some people they use it for sleep, and others it makes them wired. You know the 4-6 pages you get with a pharma drug to tell you all of the potential BAD side effects? Well this is the same for CBD oil but it’s GOOD side effects. No company selling CBD will know how it affects you body. This INDUSTRY is NEW. They have no studies and no research. SO, try different ones and it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to do research and TRIAL it. AND the good news is there are VERY FEW bad side effects. We have to say that, even though i have not seen anyone have side effects, start low and increase based on how YOUR BODY reacts to is. AGAIN, it’s a natural plant that has ZERO fatalities as opposed to a pharma drug that has 2-6 pages of potential side effects, and MOST people get a few like weight gain, a rash, getting high (can’t drive), drowziness and then a whole host of life threatening side effects. I’m pretty sure 100% of you have taken a pharma drug without all of the questions you are asking about CBD. Yes, it’s true there is no doctor to direct you, but come on, there are really no bad side effects so do your own due diligence. Anyone who tells you they know what you need in CBD oil is lying.

  • Zatural

    For legal reason we can’t claim that any of our products can cure or treat any type of Cancer. If you are looking for a CBD oil, I would direct you towards are Premium hemp oil drops or softgels. Our Premium hemp oil products contain full spectrum hemp oil. Full spectrum hemp oil and CBD oils are equivalent because they both contain the cannabinoids that are used to assist with pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, and sleep. If you feel you good benefit from our premium hemp oil products then here is a link to them:

  • Zatural

    We are sorry our blog post didn’t answer the question you were looking for. The answer to your question is, that the best product that can assist with chronic pain is a product that contains Cannabinoids in it. Full spectrum hemp oils contain those cannabinoids your body needs to fight pain, stress, anxiety, inflammation and sleep. If your chronic pain is severe, you will want a product that contains a large amount of Cannabinoids.

    Our premium hemp oil drops has the listed amount of full spectrum hemp oil listed on the front of the bottle in milligrams. We offer three different strengths. Our base strengths at 300mg to 600mg, then our 3x strength products 1,000mg to 2,000mg, and last our 5x strength which is our strongest product at 1,500mg to 3,000mg. Here is a link to the product.

  • Rocco Berardi
    Rocco Berardi

    Hi i have colon and liver cancer which CBD oil is the best for tumor reducing results give me the costs of the oil and all and where to fet it ty

  • Philip DiWilliams
    Philip DiWilliams

    this blog was supposed to answer questions it is more confusing than ever, can you please stop with the mumbo jumbo and just answer the simple question which product is the best to use for chronic pain, not that should require a plain and simple answer

  • Zatural


    Hemp oil can come from the flower, leaves, stock or seeds. If it comes from the seed there are no cannabinoids found. If it comes from the rest of the plant cannabinoids are found. Hemp extract usually refers to either CBD or oil from the stock, flower, or leaves. Our Virgin cannabis sativa hemp oil is a hemp seed oil, and our Premium hemp oil products, have hemp oil from the stem of the plant (which is listed in milligrams on the bottle) It also has hemp seed oil in the bottle to act as a carrier oil. Our Hemp seed oil is a cold pressed seed oil, and our Premium hemp oil that comes from the stem is Co2 extracted.

  • Zatural


    Yes, our premium hemp oil drops can assist with pain and anxiety. Well I would recommend reading the reviews on our premium hemp oil drops and deciding that for yourself. The best test I have to offer you, is to buy a product, and then try it out. If it helps your anxiety or pain, then you know it works. If it doesn’t seem to be working after 5 days of trying it, then send it back and we will give you a full refund.

  • Zatural


    For legal reason I can’t make any claims that our product will treat or cure your neuropathy or any other medical diagnosis. However, If you do your research on google you may find a tie between full spectrum hemp oil and Neuropathy. Our product is great for assisting with pain, inflammation and stress. If you are feeling pain or experiencing inflammation you should try our product. Now if you have serious pain I would suggest our premium hemp oil drops at 5x strength.

  • Zatural

    Unless you are allergic to the omegas present in hemp oil you should be fine. However, you will want to do an allergy spot test just to make sure. I believe it’s a protein that is in fish that give people an allergic reaction, but I’m not 100% positive on that.

  • Zatural

    That is a good question. I’m afraid though that I do not have any information on your question. I would recommend talking to a doctor about whether or not hemp oil could help. I would also ask, if a increase in Omega 3’s in your diet could help you or not.
    Sorry we couldn’t be of more help.

  • Me

    Your post indicates a difference between hemp oil (which you said is from seeds) and hemp extract (which there doesn’t seem to be much information about on your site) and that your all recommend hemp extract. The links you post for hemp extract link to products labeled at hemp oil and as containing hemp oil. My question: are your products derived from hemp seeds, full plant extraction, or a cbd isolation/extraction process? Thanks!!

  • Mary

    Does this help anxiety and pain? Is there proof?

  • Michael Farrell
    Michael Farrell

    I have suffered from Neuropathy to both feet for about six years. The symptoms are numbness and pins and needs to the metatarsal region as well as the toes. There is also an intermittent very intense internal itching to the soles of both feet, which changes in location. I have been offered painkilling prescription drugs, but have refused these. I am very interested to learn of the benefits of Hemp/CBD Oil, and would appreciate some advice on which product you feel would most benefit my condition. Many thanks for your anticipated assistance. You may wish to reply to me by e-mail.

  • A. Marie Laythe
    A. Marie Laythe

    If I am allergic to all seafood, would it be safe for me to take these oils?

  • James weatherl
    James weatherl

    I have veinious insufficiency in lower legs, would hemp seed oil or cbd oil help?

  • Zatural

    Pedro- Yes, we can ship to Spain. You may order directly from our website!

    Debbie Droog- For Pain I would recommend our Premium Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

  • Pedro

    Can I buy It from Spain?

  • Debbie Droog
    Debbie Droog

    Which is best for chronic pain: medicinal CBD oil or hemp oil?

  • Robert Via
    Robert Via

    I saw o utube cannabis oil is good for COPD. What would recommend?

  • abdul saeed
    abdul saeed

    Thanks for sharing helpful post.

  • Zatural

    Thank you everyone for your comments. Due to high volume it is possible we may miss one. Please feel free to call us or email us at also! We will do our best to not miss any blog comments though!
    Thank you again for your continued support and we look forward to hearing from you more!!!

  • Zatural

    For legal reasons we cannot recommend this for that. Im sorry.

  • Busisiwe

    Hi my sister is suffering with epilepsy could this oil help ?

  • Ola

    Hello, I have been taking Medical Cannabis for six months and it has been working quite well. I suffer from chronic muscle spasms all over my body. Do you recommend hemp oil for me?

  • moon

    bottom of my feet from small fiber Neurapathy. Have you had anyone else get relief from cbd oil

  • Moe

    Which one of this is good for cancer patients who has lost their appetite? Another word, which one will make someone hungry and control nausea?

  • Zatural

    Mary Galvin, thank you for your comment. Our premium hemp oil drops are great for assisting with pain, anxiety, and stress. We are anxious to hear back from you and see what results you get.

  • Mary GAlvin
    Mary GAlvin

    Stared using cbd oil for face tingling and Back pain….am anxious to see if will work

  • Zatural

    Shirley Dec 10, 2018: Our premium hemp oil products will be able to assist your knee and back, you can also give you dog the same oil, but you will need to reduce the suggested dose size to about half.

    Denise shaughnessy Dec 10, 2018: We can’t suggest or recommend products for specific ailments like Migraines. However, if you are experiencing pain in you head, our Premium hemp oil products will help assist the pain you are feeling.

    Linda Barr Dec 10, 2018: Q: I have read that CBD oil can cure type 2 diabetes in some people. A: We have never heard of that happening or done studies relating the two.

  • Zatural

    You may notice that questions have not been answered, that is because we have chosen to answer these question via email. Do to comments, we will start responding via email and comment on the blog.

  • Shirley

    Why don’t we see answers to the above questions. Looking for relief of knee and back pain myself.
    Also, my boxer 107#, has arthritis.

    Which of the products would work best for us. How much would I give boxer.

  • Denise shaughnessy
    Denise shaughnessy

    I suffer with debilitating migraines what would be best and how much

  • Linda Barr
    Linda Barr

    I have read that CBD oil can be cured of type 2 diabetes in some people. Have you heard if anyone has had this result with the hemp oil?

  • Carlos Rodrigues
    Carlos Rodrigues

    Really good content
    Thanks for the CBD content"

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