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Can CBD Oil Help With Weight Loss?

How does CBD oil help with weight loss? Cannabidiol, or CBD, is best known for reducing discomfort, improving sleep, and decreasing unhealthy mood related symptoms.

Research on CBD is still emerging, and the data that we have is very limited. However, studies so far show that CBD oil has a positive impact on helping people. One of the ways is its ability to help people reach weight loss goals.

We want to cover CBD's role in weight loss and offer some simple CBD solutions that you should consider.


What is CBD Oil?

CBD is a naturally derived compound found in the cannabis plant and is known as one of the 100 cannabinoids found in the plant. Unlike its sibling cannabinoid, tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, CBD does not produce a "high" or feelings of euphoria.

CBD works in sync with our body's endocannabinoid system, which manages bodily functions like movement, coordination, appetite, pain, mood, and other functions.


How Can CBD Oil Help With Weight Loss?

Women try to lose weight

Before we dive into how CBD oil can help with weight loss, it's important to understand the factors that cause weight gain. Once you understand what contributes to weight gain, it's easier to understand how to prevent it.


What Factors Lead To Weight Gain?

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services (1), the leading factors of weight gain are caused by:

Leading factors of weight gain 

Food Intake and Daily Activity

People often gain weight when they consume more calories than they burn throughout the day with physical exercise. This imbalance is one of the most common contributing factors to weight gain.



Have you ever thought about how the area in which you live influences your ability to maintain a healthy weight?

  • Not having sidewalks, parks, backyards, or affordable gyms makes it harder for people to be physically active.
  • Lack of healthy food options such as healthy food stores, fresh fruits or vegetables, or an increased amount of fast food chains.
  • Oversized meal portions lead to a larger calorie intake making more physical activity needed to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Forms of Entertainment such as video games, social media, television shows, or movies cause us to be stationary with no physical activity.


Genetics & Health Conditions

Genetics plays a major role in weight gain. Genes can directly cause disorders like obesity or health conditions that affect underactive thyroid.

Health conditions like an underactive thyroid may cause your hormone levels to become unbalanced, making weight loss impossible.


Emotional Factors and Stress

Emotional eating or eating our feelings is a real thing. When we are bored, upset, angry, sad, or stressed can lead to endless snacking on unhealthy comfort foods. Emotional factors like depression may reduce a desire to be active.


Poor Sleep

Some studies have concluded that people who get less sleep at night tend to be overweight or obese. When we sleep at night, our body produces a hormone that helps us control our appetite the next day, and we burn calories when we sleep.

Now that we understand what causes weight loss let's go over how CBD oil may assist with weight loss.


What Are The CBD Benefits for Weight Loss?

CBD weight loss

CBD is not the solution to all the factors that cause weight gain. However, CBD can be used to help assist with some of them. CBD can't change things like poor genetics, food intake, environment, and health conditions.

CBD has a long list of possible therapeutic benefits, the most common being assistance with discomfort, sleep, and mood.


Daily Activity

How often have you chosen not to participate in physical activity because you were in too much pain or the inflammation today made it hard to move? CBD has been shown to assist with pain and inflammation levels.(2)

Taking CBD daily may help you manage comfort levels by easing pain and reducing inflammation. Eliminating pain or inflammation will help you get out the door, so you can be active and burn calories.


Emotional Factors and Stress

Studies show that CBD directly affects mental health. According to a 2015 study, CBD interacts with CB1 and other receptors in the brain to assist in regulating mental health induced behaviors.(3)

Taking CBD to assist with mental health may provide the confidence, desire, and motivation to live a more active lifestyle. Being more physically active will help burn calories, promoting weight loss. 


Poor Sleep

As discussed above, getting plenty of sleep at night plays a key role in maintaining a healthy weight. Lack of sleep can lead to stress, anxiety, and willingness to be active.

How often has a racing mind or tight or jumpy muscles kept you from a relaxing night's sleep? CBD assists with sleep by calming and relaxing the mind and body enough to fall asleep at night.(4) CBD directly will not make you drowsy.


What CBD Products Are Best For Weight Loss?

How does CBG assist weight loss

The best product for you depends entirely on what is keeping you from your weight loss goals. Zatural sells a list of carefully crafted CBD products you might need to achieve your goals.


CBD For Food Intake

Overeating is the number one cause of weight gain in the USA. We are used to three square meals a day with plenty of snacks in between. How do we combat overeating and constant snacking?

Zatural may have the perfect solution with our appetite-crushing CBD Appethyl! CBD Apptheyl is revolutionary because of its science back spinach thylakoids.

Thylakoids are a compound in spinach that helps you stay fuller longer, reduce appetite, and reduce unhealthy cravings. Mixed with CBD to help assist with stress eating. Zatural's CBD Appethyl is our top-ranked CBD weight-loss product.


CBD Products For Daily Activity

If pain and inflammation are keeping you on the couch rather than going for a stroll or hike, then CBD is just what you need.

We suggest Broad or Full Spectrum CBD oils, softgels, or gummies. CBD products with high levels of Cannabichromene (CBC) are also a great option. CBC is another cannabinoid from the cannabis plant that directly influences pain and inflammation relief.


CBD For Emotional Factors and Stress

Don't let the stress of life keep you from living yours. Don't eat your feelings away in a carton of ice cream; instead, give CBD a try.

Our top choice for mood support is our Nano CBD + CBG oil, softgels, and gummies. Cannabigerol (CBG) is a cannabinoid from the cannabis plant that can play a positive role on having mental health.


CBD For Poor Sleep

Poor sleeping habits won't just keep you up at night but may also make you groggy the next day. Lack of sleep may lead to stress, anxiety, and weight gain.

Zatural has an excellent line of Sleep support CBD products. Our Cannabinol (CBN) products help you fall asleep and stay asleep so you wake refreshed and ready to take on the day.


Sum It Up!

Full Spectrum CBD gummies for working out

For effective weight loss to occur, adjusting your diet and adding daily exercise to your routine is important. Adding the addition of CBD may help reduce discomfort, sleep deprivation, and mood –– all of which can assist with weight loss.

However, research on CBD and weight loss is limited. CBD may not directly cause weight loss, but it can help behind the scenes. Consider talking with your healthcare provider about how to use CBD oil in your weight loss journey.


Why buy from Zatural? 

At Zatural, our customers come first. Our mission is to help increase the standard of health through natural means. All of our products are natural, organically grown, and handcrafted.

We are confident in our products and offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. You can return your product for a full refund if you are unsatisfied.


Zatural CBD Products for Weight Loss

Zatural products for weight loss


 If you still aren't sure about trying CBD oil, try a bottle on us! 

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