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CBD Oil For Pets (Dogs, Cats, And Equine)

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CBD Oil For Pets (Dogs, Cats, And Equine)

CBD for happy and healthy fur babies? Yes, please! The CBD health trend has generated so much buzz over the years that animal lovers and the majority of the pet care industry have heard its impact.

While scientific proof is still evolving, anecdotal reports from pet owners suggest potential benefits. This article answers key questions about CBD for animals and provides insights for informed discussions with your vet. For a healthier, happier life for your furry friends, read on!"


Can Pets Take CBD Oil?

The short answer is yes. One point that we at Zatural would like to focus on is the quality of CBD oil for animals. To safely giving your fur babies products from the cannabis plant and other supplements, it’s important that you follow proper CBD dosing recommendations and safety guidelines.


What Benefits Does CBD Offer Pets?

Now comes the juicy part: How can CBD oil for pets make a difference? Like humans and all other mammals, dogs, cats, and equines have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that is receptive to the effects of cannabis.

In general, the ECS’s function is to help bodily processes achieve and maintain balance. This fact may be the reason people think that CBD has so many potential benefits for both humans and animals.Canine Endocannabinoid System

CBD pet products, according to anecdotal evidence, may assist with mental and physical discomfort. However, it’s important to note that every animal is different and may experience varying effects when administered CBD supplements.

But how do you know if CBD oil for pets is, in fact, making positive changes? Since animals can’t verbalize whether they’re feeling better or worse, you will need to pay close attention to how they’re behaving after giving them CBD products.

Depending on the condition your dog, cat, or equine has, they may experience relief within as soon as 30 minutes or after a few weeks of daily use. Again, every animal is different.

This means you may need to go through a trial-and-error phase with your vet, where you test out different brands, doses, or forms to figure out what works. There is no doubt that CBD could be a great option for improving your pet's quality of life.


Can Pets Experience CBD Side Effects?

Uusing CBD for pets, one common question that arises is, "Is CBD safe for dogs and cats?" While people generally consider CBD safe for animals, it's essential to be aware of potential side effects, albeit rare.

These may include mild issues such as drowsiness, dry mouth, or digestive upset. However, by starting with a low dose and closely monitoring your pet's response, you can help ensure a positive side-effect of CBD experience for your beloved furry companions.

Can a Pet Have Full-Spectrum CBD Oil?

THC can be toxic — but not deadly — to pets, so it’s important that you keep them away from full-spectrum CBD. Full-spectrum CBD, or “whole flower CBD,” has all the naturally occurring substances found in cannabis, including up to 0.3% THC — the legal limit according to the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018.

While this amount doesn’t really affect humans, it can be enough to cause a “high” (psychoactive effects) or some discomfort for your pet since they are smaller in size and can be extra sensitive to THC in general.


How Does THC Affect Pets?

Despite our best efforts, curious pets can get their paws (and hoofs) on edibles, oils, and even vapes. When THC enters the body, like humans, animals can become wobbly, uncoordinated, hyperactive or sleepy, disoriented, or even very vocal. They may look wide-eyed, very drooly, or nauseous. They may also develop urinary incontinence.

Cat high on THC

Their heart rates could either become too slow or too fast, their blood pressure erratic, their breathing slowed, and their body temperature too high or low. Fortunately, all these side effects are usually temporary. However, they can still present some dangers and discomfort.

In rare cases where THC intoxication is severe, pets can get tremors, seizures, and even get into a coma. As responsible pet owners, it’s important that you never smoke THC-based products in a room where your pets frequent or leave any cannabis product unattended.


Is CBD For Pets The Same As For Humans?

As discussed earlier, CBD products meant for humans are usually no different than those meant for pets. However, we still need to exercise vigilance around CBD product strengths and ingredients.


Milligram Strength Difference

The amount of CBD humans take depends on a range of factors, including their body weight, the condition they’re trying to manage, their individual body chemistry, and the concentration of CBD in each drop, gummy, pill, or capsule. The same considerations apply to CBD oil for pets and other cannabis products as well.

More veterinary research on CBD’s effects on pets is still underway, especially when determining how CBD works for different animal species, what medical conditions might respond well to CBD, and what the ideal CBD potency is for different animal ECSs.

This means that determining the right milligram strength is still subject to trial and error. However, to be on the safe side, most CBD pet products offer a range of potencies and dosages according to animal type and size.

For example, at Zatural, we recommend the following CBD oil doses for small to medium dogs under 50 pounds, with guidance from pet owners’ respective veterinarians:

  • 10 pounds – 3.1 mg to 6.25 mg per day
  • 20 pounds – 6.2 mg to 12.5 mg per day
  • 30 pounds – 9.3 mg to 18.75 mg per day
  • 40 pounds – 12.4 mg to 25 mg per day
  • 50 pounds – 15.5 mg to 31.25 mg per day



Apart from dosage considerations, CBD pet products must be free from problematic ingredients like pesticides, fillers, and artificial sweeteners. Also, while CBD products made for humans are usually safe to give to pets, it's crucial that you double-check for seemingly harmless ingredients that animals may consider toxic, such as essential oils and chocolate.


How Much CBD Should I Give My Pets?

Animal size means everything when determining the appropriate dose for your pets. The standard doses for cats and dogs are more or less the same, but equines have different dosage requirements since they are significantly larger.

If you’re a first-time CBD oil user, we recommend starting with the standard strength first and then working your way up to double strength options, depending on your pet’s size and needs.

Canine taking CBD Oil

When in doubt, check the label for appropriate dosage requirements. To make things even simpler, here’s a quick rundown of pet sizes and their appropriate dosages.


Cats and Dogs

Is CBD oil safe for Cats and dogs? Pets typically respond well to lower daily doses compared to their human and equine counterparts. To safely supplement them with CBD, here’s a table that you can refer to depending on your pet’s size and health needs:

Pet weight

Low dose

Medium dose

Strong dose

About 10 pounds

1 mg

3.1 mg

6.25 mg

About 20 pounds

2 mg

6.2 mg

12.5 mg

About 30 pounds

3 mg

9.3 mg

18.75 mg

About 40 pounds

4 mg

12.4 mg

25 mg

About 50 pounds

5 mg

15.5 mg

31.25 mg

About 60 pounds

6 mg

18.7 mg

37.5 mg

About 70 pounds

7 mg

21.9 mg

43.75 mg

About 80 pounds

8 mg

25.1 mg

56.25 mg

About 90 pounds

9 mg

28.3 mg

62.5 mg

About 100 pounds

10 mg

31.5 mg

68.75 mg



Like with dogs and cats, equine owners need to start slow, pay close attention to their equine’s needs, and increase dosages when needed. As a rule of thumb, most equines do well with a daily standard dose of 0.2 mg per 1kg (or 2lbs).

After two days, increase this to a medium dose of 0.4 mg per 1kg (or 2 lbs) while monitoring how the equine reacts. Note that using multiple CBD products can lead to your equines getting more CBD than they need. So, stick to just one product unless your veterinarian tells you otherwise.


Where To Buy CBD Products for Pets

Now that you know how much to give your animals, you’re probably wondering where to buy top-quality products that are safe for them to consume on a daily basis. As a good starting point, we have formulated our Dog, Cat, and Equine CBD Oils to be a good mid-range. You can click any of the following products to go directly to the detail page.


Pet CBD Oils

Zatural formulates its products with Co2-extracted, broad-spectrum CBD oil and cold-pressed hemp seed oil, making these options the ultimate wellness products for your dogs, cats, and equines.


Pet CBD Treats

Zatural formulates CBD Dog Soft Chews with natural ingredients and carefully measures high-quality, broad-spectrum CBD to create delicious, meat-flavored soft treats that can have even the pickiest eater begging for more.


Pet CBD Topicals

Your pet's nose contains 50 times more receptors than humans, impacting their ability to smell and sense danger.

CBD Topical for pet

Zatural's CBD-infused Pet Balm contains naturally occurring CBD and hemp formulated to keep your pet’s nose, paws, and skin moisturized and healthy daily, especially during extremely cold or dry weather conditions.



Even though more studies are needed to provide solid evidence on how CBD may assist with several animal health conditions, many happy pet parents, with guidance from their respective vets, have already experienced great results in helping their fur babies feel their best.

Since the FDA hasn't reviewed or approved these CBD products, having a productive discussion with your veterinarian is key to ensuring safety and achieving the best outcomes for your individual pet's needs.


Product Recommendation

At Zatural, we pride ourselves on creating high-quality, natural, cruelty-free, and vet-formulated products that comply with Good Manufacturing Practices. As a result, we help animal lovers give their fur babies the best CBD for pets, be it in oil, edible, or topical form.

Want your pets to enjoy the same top-quality care? Then feel free to check out all our omega-rich CBD oils for dogs, cats, and equines here.

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