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Where Can I Buy CBD Oil? | CBD Shopping Rules

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Where Can I Buy CBD Oil? | CBD Shopping Rules

Cannabidiol, or CBD, isn't something you can walk into your local Walmart and throw in your cart after finding the best-priced option. You will not find CBD on your Amazon shopping app, either.

Many large-scale retail businesses heavily regulate CBD because of its questionable legality and lack of FDA regulation. Retail companies can't just sell something that hasn't been FDA (food and Drug Administration)-approved, or they could face legal complications if a customer has a negative reaction to the product they purchased.

So, this begs the question, where can I buy CBD oil? Don't worry; Zatural has your back, with a list of a few common places you can look to buy your next bottle of CBD.


Where Can You Buy CBD Oil?

Large and small-scale companies all over the U.S. are currently producing CBD. You can find it in hemp dispensaries, wellness shops, and our personal favorite, online web stores. With all these options, where do you buy legitimate CBD Oil? We have the answer for you below.

Buying at a Dispensary

Men and women are buying CBD products from dispensaries. Since the legalization of recreational Marijuana in Colorado, other states have followed with the legalization, states like Colorado, Washington, Alaska, Oregon, Washington, D.C., California, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Michigan, Vermont, Illinois, Arizona, Montana, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, New Mexico, Connecticut, Rhode Island.

If you live in these select states, you probably know exactly where the closest dispensary is. Many establishments that once focused almost entirely on marijuana products now see a demand for Full Spectrum CBD, Broad Spectrum CBD, and Isolate CBD oil.


  • "Mom and Pop" factor, which means many feel more comfortable buying locally than online.
  • Store employees can be an excellent source of information for clearing the smoke surrounding CBD and suggest the best products based on individual needs.
  • Window shopping, meaning you can look at and examine the product for yourself.
  • Lots of choices all in one convenient location.


  • Store employees may talk you into buying the most expensive products rather than the most cost-effective ones.
  • Questionable return policy
  • No customer reviews about each product.
  • No available 3rd party testing, so you can see what is in the product.
  • No product information for you to review on your own.

Can you buy CBD from a wellness shop

Buying From Wellness Shops

Wellness shops aim to provide products that increase overall health and nutrition. They also provide an extensive list of products to improve workout performance and recovery.

Depending on location, you may see more topical CBD products like balms, creams, lotions, and salves at beauty and wellness stores across the U.S. However, as time continues, you will see these stores carry more oral CBD products.


  • Buying from a wellness shop is more comfortable than walking into a dispensary for those who don't want to associate with Marijuana.
  • Knowledgeable store employees can be an excellent source of information on which products to best use for workout performance or health.
  • Window shopping, meaning you can look at and examine the products yourself.
  • Lots of CBD brand choices all in one convenient location.


  • Not all wellness shops will carry CBD, making it harder to come across.
  • The store employees may be knowledgeable about their products but less familiar with CBD's full benefits.
  • Questionable return policy
  • No customer reviews about each product.
  • No available 3rd party testing, so you can see what is in the product.
  • No product information for you to review on your own.

Can I buy CBD oil online?

Buying CBD Online

So much of the shopping we do nowadays is all done online from the comfort of our homes. With a simple search on Google, you will get hundreds of CBD companies competing for your business.

Along with all these CBD shops also comes a wealth of information for CBD consumers. You may not be able to ask a person your questions about CBD directly, but with a simple search on Google, you can find that information.


  • Many CBD web store options offer pure CBD oils, softgels, gummies, edibles, pet products, and topicals.
  • List of product information explaining each product and how to use the product.
  • CBD third-party testing online showcasing what is in the product you are buying.
  • Most online companies have satisfaction guarantees or your money back.
  • Previous customer reviews
  • Products can ship to almost anywhere in the States



Do Your Research Before Buying CBD Oil

Regardless of where you buy CBD oil, it's important to do one thing: research. Why is researching the CBD product you plan to purchase important? Let's discuss why.

Women buying Zatural CBD oil online

As mentioned above, not all CBD products are equal. Shady companies are selling CBD products that do not contain CBD, or the CBD content is so small that the products are basically useless, or you could buy a CBD oil that has an unknown substance that could cause a list of negative side effects.

Let's cover a few simple rules you should follow when buying CBD oil.

  1. Make sure to carefully review the customer and business reviews to ensure the company is legitimate.
  2. Don't ever buy CBD without a third-party lab test. Third-party lab tests keep companies honest, making them share what is in the product.
  3. Check the strength of the CBD you plan to purchase. CBD is not a one-size-fits-all all. Depending on your weight, you may need less or more CBD. Check out our CBD dosign chart.
  4. Purchase from a company with a return policy. Those without a return policy are probably scammers.
  5. Business with customer service agents that you can talk to is always a good sign.
  6. Compare pricing. Some companies charge way more for CBD than they should.

Click the link for more helpful tips on what to look out for when buying CBD oil.


Sum it up!

Where can I buy CBD oil is the question you keep asking yourself until you find the perfect business that sells what you're looking for. Dispensaries, wellness shops, and online web stores have an extensive list of CBD product options.

As time continues, the market for CBD will only keep growing. Making CBD more available in different markets of our economy. In the meantime, follow our simple CBD shopping rules to help you find a legitimate CBD product and get a reasonably priced CBD product.


Why Should You Buy CBD From Zatural?

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