how to choose the right CBD product

How To Choose The Right CBD Product?

Choosing the right CBD product can be daunting. There are many factors to consider, and you want to make sure you get the product that will work best for you and your individual needs.

With you in mind, we have put together this blog post to help simplify the selection process.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, and it is one of the 100+ cannabinoids found in the Cannabis sativa plant. It offers a safe, natural, fast-acting, and convenient form of treatment for various health issues.

The oil is safely extracted from the hemp plant through a process called CO2 extraction. This is the most effective method of extracting CBD oil to maintain its purity and integrity.

How can I use CBD?

CBD can be used in many ways! It all has to do with how cannabinoids interact with the human body's endocannabinoid system (ECS). This important body system plays a direct role in maintaining a balance between all other body systems.

Each cannabinoid from the hemp plant affects the ECS differently, and together, all cannabinoids work in perfect synergy to activate the "entourage effect."

This term explains how all cannabinoids of the hemp plant work together to enhance their benefits. Some of the most common benefits of CBD are assistance with comfort levels, mood support, and sleep aid.

CBD Entourage Effect Graphic
How doe terpenes, flavonoids, and phytocannabinoids work

How to choose the best CBD product?

Choosing the best CBD product depends on several different factors. Let's first begin with the different types of CBD Products:

Full Spectrum CBD This type of CBD is generally considered the most effective. "Full Spectrum" means that it contains a "full" cannabinoid profile, including key cannabinoids, vitamins, minerals, terpenes, and flavonoids from the hemp plant.

Among the key cannabinoids are CBD, CBC, CBN, CBG, and THC. Full Spectrum CBD may provide the largest variety of possible therapeutic benefits compared to other types because the presence of key cannabinoids maximizes the entourage effect.

Broad Spectrum CBD: This type of CBD also contains a wide cannabinoid profile that includes CBD, CBC, CBN, CBG, vitamins, minerals, terpenes, and flavonoids, but it does not include THC.

This makes Broad Spectrum CBD products widely popular among those subject to frequent drug tests or unsure about taking a THC product.

Although these products do not contain THC, these products may still result in the benefits associated with the entourage effect and are still powerfully effective supplements.

CBD Isolate: This type of CBD is considered to be the most versatile CBD product. These products only contain one isolated cannabinoid.

For example, a CBD Isolate product only contains CBD, while a CBN Isolate product only contains CBN. There are no other vitamins, minerals, terpenes, and flavonoids included in these isolates.

CBD isolates may not be as effective as Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum CBD, but they still offer benefits. Isolates allow customers to experiment with and set their own doses.

They also are extremely versatile and can be taken in many ways (added to smoothies, used in baked goods, mixed into lotions, and more).

Once you've figured out which type of CBD product might work best for you, it's time to consider what benefits you're looking for. 

Target CBD Benefits

Couple hiking outside after taking CBD

Overall health and wellness: If you are looking for a CBD product that will increase the quality of your life in several different aspects, then a Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum CBD product might be the best option.

CBD has been shown to positively affect discomfort levels, unhealthy mood symptoms, and sleep making it a popular choice for seeking relief in several different areas.

Discomfort: If you are looking for a product to specifically assist with discomfort, CBC products may be the best option.

CBC stands for cannabichromene and is one of the many powerful cannabinoids isolated from the hemp plant. CBC is most often used to assist with discomfort and may provide customers with focused, therapeutic results.

Mood: Unhealthy mood symptoms can be tricky because it primarily deals with how our brains process situations. However, CBG products might be the best option for you.

CBG stands for cannabigerol and is another one of the natural cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. It is most often used to assist with unhealthy mood symptoms.

Sleep: If you struggle with frequent sleep disruptions and disorders, then a CBN product may be the best option.

CBN stands for cannabinol, a cannabinoid-like CBD that is extracted from the hemp plant. It is most often used to assist with a good night's rest.

CBN is a powerful natural alternative to common sleep aids found on the market today.

Now that you have decided what benefits you are looking for, it would be good to consider the different forms of CBD and how they fit into the type of lifestyle you have.

What CBD product type fits your lifestyle?

Zatural CBD lifestyle choices

CBD Oil: If you live an average lifestyle and the most important thing you look for in a CBD product is fast results, CBD Oil is the best choice.

CBD Oil is taken sublingually, allowing the oil to be rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream through small capillaries located underneath the tongue. 

CBD Edibles: If you live an on-the-go lifestyle, then CBD Edibles may be the best option. CBD Edibles come in many forms: gummies, capsules, softgels, gum, mints, chocolate, etc.

These edibles allow you to take CBD whenever and wherever you want. Edibles are a fun and delicious way to get your daily dose of CBD.

CBD Topicals: If you live a relaxed lifestyle and are looking for a CBD product that can provide therapeutic relief for very specific areas of the body, then CBD Topicals may be the right product for you.

CBD Topicals allow you to apply a therapeutic amount of CBD to specific areas of concern to provide direct relief. For example, if you experience sore muscles after a hard workout, you can apply a CBD topical directly to the area of concern for focused relief.

How much CBD should you take?

Once you have figured out which form of CBD may be best for you, it's time to find the right dosage of CBD. Everyone is different, which means that everyone will require a different amount of CBD to suit their needs.

If someone is experiencing head pains or small joint pains, they may require a different amount of CBD than someone struggling with severe pain associated with an injury or accident.

The chart below was developed by Zatural's in-house naturopathic doctor as a starting point for those who are looking to identify their dosage.

This chart should be used solely as a recommendation, but feel free to use it and adjust it depending on your individual needs. 

How to choose the right CBD with dosage chart

Is cost an issue?

Because CBD is an uncontrolled substance, CBD businesses can sell their products at whatever price they want.

This means that you have to be careful about what CBD business to choose from. Typically, a good price for CBD is anywhere from $0.05 to $0.10 per mg.

Companies that price their CBD outside of these margin raise red flags about the purity and quality of their CBD products. Some companies may be overcharging you too.

To help minimize your search, look for CBD companies that offer satisfaction guarantees and third-party lab tests. Businesses with these options are typically more legitimate.

Additionally, we recommend reading Google reviews for any CBD company you are interested in.

Final thoughts:

Choosing the right CBD product doesn't have to be confusing, daunting, or difficult! It should be an exciting and rewarding process that helps improve your state of life.

We hope that this blog post has narrowed down some of your questions and eased some of your concerns about where to start when choosing the right CBD product. Click here for more frequently asked questions about CBD.

Why buy from Zatural?

At Zatural, our customers come first. Our mission is to help increase the standard of health through natural means.

Our products are natural, organically grown, and formulated by a naturopathic doctor who ensures you are receiving professional-grade ingredients and formulas that work.

Zatural is transparent with their customers and upfront about their products.

Customer satisfaction is key, which is why we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee that allows you to return your product for a full refund if you are not 100% satisfied.

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