CBD For Senior Citizens

CBD For Senior Citizens

On July 14th, my sisters and I helped our parents celebrate their 68th wedding anniversary. đŸ˜± 💗 In this picture, they are wearing look-alike shirts they bought on their honeymoon 68 years ago. They are so cute, so full of life, so very healthy at 88 and 86 AND they take Zatural CBD daily!

So what's all the fuss about CBD for the older generation? Some think CBD is only for the hippy young crowd, but they have it all wrong. In fact, 1 out of 4 adults, over the age of 50, use some form of CBD to assist with symptoms such as:

Is CBD safe for senior citizens?

My parents will answer this question loud and clear _ YES! Not only is it safe, but tends to be very effective in helping with the struggles that come from an older age.

Generally, hemp-derived CBD from a reputable brand such as Zatural is considered safe and well-tolerated by people of all ages.

There may be extra benefits for people 50+ but considering they are more likely to use prescription medication, it’s best to seek advice from a doctor before taking CBD product.

Zatural offers a senior discount every day! Just email us for more info. If you are 60+ you never need to pay retail.

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My dad - age 88 is a veteran of the Korean War. He would literally give you the shirt of his back. So kind and generous! His biggest struggles are thin skin, short breath, and being tired. He finds when he is consistent with taking CBD it helps him with all three problems.

His favorite products are:

  • CBD Healing Salve
  • CBD Gummies
  • Hemp Bar Soap
  • CBD Hand Sanitizer

If you ask my mom to tell you about herself she would say, "I am the mother of 5, grandmother of 25 and great-grandma of 87".  She is a beautiful person inside and out.

She was Ms. Senior Idaho and went on to be in the top 10 for Ms. Senior America. She struggles with sleeping and joint pain.

Her favorite products are:

  • CBD SoftGel with Melatonin
  • CBD Anti-Aging Cream
  • CBD Tincture Drops
  • CBD Hot Cream
  • CBD Quick Relief

Here are answers to a few questions concerning CBD and Seniors

Does CBD get you high or in trouble with the law?

CBD, extracted from hemp plants, is completely non-psychoactive (it doesn’t get you high). This is because all of Zatural products are THC-free. Because of this, you get the therapeutic properties of CBD without the side effects of THC. 

When baby boomers buy CBD from Zatural, they can feel confident that they’re getting a safe, legal product that won’t turn them into stoners.

How much CBD should an older person take?

For healthy adults, it’s recommended to start on a low dosage (10mg) daily and work up until symptoms are under control.

Some older people may be sensitive to CBD or on other medications, so we advise starting at 5mg increasing that amount gradually.  Ultimately your doctor will be able to make the best decision with you.

Which product type is best for older people?

  • CBD oil is taken sublingually (drops are placed under the tongue and held for around a minute) is the most popular method of ingesting CBD. Some of our senior customers like putting the drops in a drink such as water or coffee
  • Zatural gummies & capsules are also popular among the older crowd.
  • CBD chewing gum and CBD mints are new to CBD edibles. Each piece will have 10mg of U.S. organic grown CBD. They will soon be a favorite as they are quickly absorbed and bioavailable.  

Millions of older Americans are using CBD to help them get the most out of their golden years.

If you’re older and thinking of trying CBD for the first time, it’s vital you choose a respected and trustworthy CBD brand.

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*FDA DISCLAIMER -These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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