Buying CBD? Here Are 7 Questions To Ask Before Purchasing CBD

Buying CBD? Here Are 7 Questions To Ask Before Purchasing CBD

There is no doubt that CBD is slowly becoming a hot topic in the health and medical world. Because of CBD's growing popularity, there has also been an increase in the number of CBD sellers. However, how do you tell if someone is selling CBD?

There are no selling restrictions when it comes to CBD. CBD is not an FDA approved substance, and because it is not, the FDA does not regulate the selling of CBD. What is stopping a fake CBD company from selling you colored MCT oil or Hemp seed oil with zero CBD content?

Below are Seven questions you need to ask or find on a CBD company's website before purchasing CBD.

7 questions you need to ask before purchasing CBD online!

1. Is the CBD oil good quality?

Not all CBD oil is created equal. The quality of CBD oil depends on the cannabis hemp plant that the oil was extracted. The cannabis hemp plant is very hardy and grows easily in almost any climate. Making the cannabis hemp plant the preferred plant for extracting CBD oil.

The oil produced by extracting from the hemp plant can be influenced by the type of minerals present in the oil. For example, oils grown in China tend to contain trace amounts of metals and harsh chemicals because of the pollution. Companies who can sell CBD at extremely low cost could be selling CBD oil from China.

Always make sure that your CBD oil was extracted from Hemp plants grown in the U.S.A or Canada. It is also recommended that you ask whatever CBD company you are purchasing CBD oil through if they provide third party lab test. A third-party lab test can show you if there are harsh metals or chemicals in your oil.

When it comes down to purchasing CBD look for standard quality claims. That includes your CBD oil bottled in a GMP compliant facility, organically grown, non-GMO, and is grown in the USA.

2. Are fillers are artificial ingredients in this CBD product?

CBD has an interesting quality of work more efficiently when paired with other cannabinoids. On the same note, CBD's effectiveness can be decreased when outside fillers or artificial ingredients are added.

When buying CBD oil, you will find that it usually has some type of carrier oil. Some companies use MCT oil because it clear, tasteless, odorless, and cheap.

However, a truly natural CBD oil will contain Hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil is from the same plant that CBD oil is extracted. Hemp seed oil is also very nutritious. Either option is good, but buying a CBD oil with hemp seed oil helps keep the oil's complete integrity.

Make sure to read the ingredients list of the CBD oil you plan to purchase on a company website. If you prefer an organic product, you want to make sure that the flavoring is not artificial.

3. Is the dosage of CBD shown?

One of the most common ways to know if a product contains CBD is a milligram count on the label's front. The total amount of milligrams listed on the bottle's front explains how much CBD oil is in the entire bottle.

The next thing to look for would be the nutritional facts on the product label. In the ingredients as an active ingredient, CBD, or Hemp Extract should be listed.

If Hemp oil is listed, it could still be a CBD oil, but you should ask for the companies third-party label test to verify that CBD is in the oil. The amount of CBD will be listed in milligrams.

The dosage of CBD that you are getting per serving is more important than the total amount on the front of the bottle. For example, if a CBD bottle has 300mg of CBD on the front and 30 servings, you will only get 10mg of CBD per serving. Don't be fooled by high milligram counts on the front of a bottle.

4. Does a higher price mean a better CBD product?

Many things can influence CBD's cost, like the hard cost of the product, quality, the markup set by a company, and demand for the product. How do you know if you are getting the best price for the CBD you are buying with all these different influences?

The best answer is to do that math. When you do the math, you can calculate the price per milligram of CBD. Then you can compare products of different companies to see who is offering you the best price.

For example, if a company sells a 1oz CBD bottle with 300mg of CBD in the entire bottle with 30 servings. Then there is 10mg of CBD per serving. If that bottle costs $27.50 and 300mg of CBD in the entire bottle, CBD's price per mg is roughly $0.09 per milligram.

5. Is the CBD product GMP compliant?

Federal law requires all ingested products in the USA to meet GMP standards. There are very few CBD companies that meet these standards of safety. Any product you plant to ingest should be GMP compliant; if it's not, then don't eat it.

6. Can I purchase a trusted CBD product online?

Some companies sell products as CBD for a low price, but their product contains 0mg of CBD or does not contain the amount listed on the bottle. It is standard practice for CBD companies to have third party testing done. Don't be afraid to ask for their lab test. You can learn a lot from 3rd party lab test.

7. Do they offer a Satisfaction Guarantee?

If a CBD company is legit and stand behind what they are selling, they will offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you can't return the product for a full refund, whether it's 30 days or 60, their product isn't worth your time.


If you plan on buying CBD, it's important to do your research. No one to find themselves being duked or tricked into buying the wrong product. As individuals, we deserve to get exactly what we paid for.

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