The Best All Natural Lotions

The Best All Natural Lotions

Not all lotions are created equally. In many lotions you will find a list of ingredients that are not all natural and often times you won't even know what they are. However, In Zatural Lotions you will only find all natural based ingredients. We also have a lotion for every skin type. Sensitive, dry, scarred, & more! Lets check out our full line of All Natural Lotions

  1. Neem Lotion-Is all based off of the Neem Ingredient. Containing triple Neem power. Neem Leaf, Neem Oil, and Neem Extract. Neem is excellent for sensitive skin. Can assist with eczema, cracking, dry, and more.
  2. Hemp Lotion-We took our base all natural lotion and infused it with our 100% Hemp Oil. Our Hemp Oil is loaded with High amounts of Omegas 3 and 6 as well as Vitamin E.
  3. Jamaican Black Castor Lotion-If you haven't heard yet, Jamaican Black Castor is Amazing! Its not the same as regular Castor Oil. The lotion carries over many of these amazing benefits for your skin and hair. Massage into your skin or face and enjoy the magical changes! Jamaican Black Castor lotion will help moisturizer, prevent cracky or dry skin.
  4. More coming in the near future!!! (Avocado Lotion, GrapeSeed Lotion, Coconut Lotion, & more)

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